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Top 30 celebrities and athletes who use cryotherapy

Celebs & athletes who use cryotherapy

Top 30 Celebs & Athletes who use Cryotherapy

Word has got out that cryotherapy is a HUGE hit amongst celebrities and world-class athletes alike, from all over the world. From our local sports heroes right through to the Hollywood A-list, cryo-mania is spreading like wildfire and is showing no signs of slowing down amongst celebrities and athletes who use cryotherapy.

We’ve pulled together a list of famous faces who’ve publicly sworn by the benefits of cryotherapy.

First of all, what is cryotherapy?

Now, for the science bit….. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has quickly amassed a huge amount of popularity and publicity due to the health and overall well-being benefits it can provide. The treatment involves exposing individuals to extremely cold dry air (temperatures between -85c to -120 °C) for two to four minutes. Sounds extreme, right? Absolutely no need to worry because, despite the drop in temperature, the procedure is completely safe.

When entering the whole body cryotherapy chamber there is a cascade of neurological, endocrine, and immune regulatory functions happening around the body. Our clever bodies prevent us from entering a state of hypothermia by drawing blood flow from the skin surface and directing it right to the core, to protect vital organs. In addition to this, the endocrine system releases endorphins and noradrenalin whist in the cryotherapy chamber, contributing to reductions in stress and cortisol levels (Swenson et al., 1996).

When you step out of the chamber, the warm oxygenated blood then returns to the skeletal muscles and skin, thus reducing inflammation and enhancing recovery after exercise. The cryotherapy experience leaves you feeling revitalised with increased energy and enhanced wellbeing.

Feel the freeze and reap the cryotherapy rewards

You can read about the long list of benefits in more detail in some of our earlier blog posts but, to sum it up, whole body cryotherapy can aid in reducing inflammation, speed up muscle recovery and repair after exercise, assist in speeding up metabolism, improvements in sleep quality and reductions in stress.

The treatment has also been used by some individuals to assist in managing symptoms of many health complaints (including depression, jet lag, menopause, and chronic pain conditions).


Given the endless benefits, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that some of the wealthiest celebrities and athletes are huge fans of cryotherapy and use it to enhance their health and wellbeing, some have even had cryotherapy chambers installed in their homes!

The list really could go on but to name just a few…

Cryojuvenate Daniel Craig tries CryotherapyLeBron James CryotherapyCryojuvenate Will Smith Celebs who CRYO

  1. Will Smith- watch his epic first time using cryotherapy here
  2. Alicia Keys- ‘Cryotherapy helps me feel and look good when my schedule is demanding’
  3. Demi Moore – ‘I think cryotherapy helps as an anti-aging treatment, a secret to youth’
  4. Jennifer Anniston – ‘Cryotherapy helps me to recover from injuries and exercise training, as well as help with skin toning’. 
  5. Jessica Alba- ‘The cold from cryotherapy is great for anti-aging as well as helping to reduce my muscle inflammation from exercise. I feel great after cryotherapy’
  6. Daniel Craig – ‘Cryotherapy helped bolster my training for my physique in Skyfall’.
  7. Mark Wahlberg- ‘Cryotherapy helps with my recovery and helps reduce inflammation and helps me sleep better’
  8. Hugh Jackman- ‘It worked #cryotherapy’ – see him in action here 
  9. Tony Robbins ‘Cryotherapy is one of the best modern-day technologies and is essential for my recovery and daily routine’.  Watch the interview here
  10. Professor Green – ‘I can’t get enough of cryotherapy, so many benefits’. Watch him taking a nitrogen chamber here

Athletes who use cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is particularly popular amongst athletes, competing at the highest levels of their respective sports. Why? Because recovery is a key element in their grueling training programs.

The speed, intensity, and frequency, athletes are required to perform at puts them at a high risk of injury, often with inadequate recovery time. Not to mention the huge amount of mental and emotional pressure.

Cryojuvenate Adam Bishop Cryotherapy

11. Adam Bishop – ‘As a professional strongman, my body is my business. For this reason, I take my recovery work very seriously and I invest heavily in ensuring I do everything I can to make sure my body is ready for every training session. This is where Cryotherapy comes in.’  See Adam in action in our Cryo Chamber  

Psst. Check out this blog Adam’s recently wrote for us  – Why does Britain’s Strongest man use Cryotherapy

12. Cristiano Ronaldo – ‘I installed a chamber in my home and use it at least twice every week for recovery’ – hear about his fitness secrets – five naps a day, cryotherapy, and guilty pleasure

13. Eddie Hall – uses cryotherapy every single day after every weights session

14. Andy Murray- ‘Helps with recovery after training and matches’.

15. Jamie Vardy – ‘I have one at home and use it regularly, it has helped me to maintain goal-scoring form’.

16. Usain Bolt- ‘I love the treatment and is great after training’.

17. Floyd Mayweather – ‘Cryotherapy is foundational to recovery after training sessions’

18. LeBron James – see Floyd and LeBron taking a nitrogen whole body cryotherapy

Some familiar faces at Cryojuvenate

With so many celebrity and athletic advocates, we’re seeing the trend of people opting to use cryotherapy continue to rocket skywards. It seems the movement has swept through the glitzy Hollywood Hills and right to our doors in Sevenoaks.

So, as if those lists weren’t impressive enough, we too can boast of a few high-profile faces who’ve been known to frequent our clinic…

RioFerdinand_Cryotherapy19. Rio Ferdinand (ex-footballer)

20. Frank Bruno (ex-boxer) – watch here

21. Jed Wallace (footballer)

22. James Jordon (dancing on ice)

23. Ouss Scinho (footballer)

24. Terry Hollands (strongman)

25. Hennessey Sports (Michale Hennessey, Idris Virgo, Alex Dilmaghani boxers)

26. Magic Mike (west end)

27. Tom Bosworth (fast walking – Olympian)

28. JohnBoy Smith (Paralympian)

29. Dame Kelly Holmes (ex-Olympian)

30. Dennis McCann (McCann turned professional in March 2019 seen as one of the hottest prospects in the UK)


Frank Bruno at CryojuvenateJed Wallace does CryotherapyKelly Holmes using CryotherapyDenis McKan uses Cryotherapy Terry Holland taking Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy for everyone

So, there you have it! If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. You may not be able to go quite as far as installing a chamber at home, but that’s where WE come in.

With such an abundance of benefits on offer, we believe in making cryo treatments affordable and accessible for everyone. That’s why we offer different packages and combinations of treatments (think sports massage, facials, body sculpting, localised cryotherapy, and more!) so you too can reap all these glorious benefits, just like the stars! Take a look at the unique combination package options here 

Learn more about the Benefits of Cryotherapy by reading out cryotherapy pages and blogs.

Hope to see you in the clinic soon!

Submitted by

Jennifer Hamer Jennifer Hamer, PhD Candidate, MSc, BSc Griffith University – School of Allied Health Sciences


Swenson, C., Swärd, L. and Karlsson, J. (1996). Cryotherapy in sports medicine. Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports, 6(4), pp.193-200.




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