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Why does Britain’s Strongest man use Cryotherapy?

Why does Britain’s Strongest man use Cryotherapy?


Britains Strongest ManAt Cryojuvenate we work with many athletes including professional, semi-professional, and amateurs alike.  All seem to have the same or similar objectives, dedication to their sport, and a constant desire to find new and alternative ways and therapies to speed up their recovery.

We are privileged and proud to sponsor ‘Britain’s Strongest Man’, Adam Bishop #BISHBASHBOSH and as such we closely and fondly follow his amazing career and achievements.

Here is an insight into why Adam uses Cryotherapy and how it helps him during his relentless training programs…here’s what he had to say:


How do you prepare for a competition?

As a professional strongman, my body is my business. Without it performing at the top of its potential I cannot perform in competitions in order to win prize money. I have to ensure I am physically prepared for every training session in order to maximize my strength progression. For this reason, I take my recovery work very seriously and I invest heavily in ensuring I do everything I can to make sure my body is ready for every training session. This is where Cryotherapy comes in.

Britains Strongest man using cryotherapyBritains Strongest ManBritains Strongest Man Cryotherapy









When did you first start using Cryotherapy?

I first started using whole-body cryotherapy in January 2020 after winning the title of Britain’s Strongest Man and I felt the benefits straight away. My weekly trips to Cryojuvenate push my body into a state of recovery and healing which is much needed after week-on-week heavy loading in the gym. Stepping out the chamber after 5 minutes at -85 degrees gives a euphoric feeling and I have noticed improvements to my sleep quality after the treatment which is a vital component of recovery and growth from training. When did you first start using Cryotherapy?

What other recovery treatments do you take?

Britains Strongest Man taking sports massage

I pair up the cryotherapy treatment with soft tissue massage in order to ensure my muscles are relaxed and any tight trigger points are released. Soft tissue therapy increases blood flow to the muscles and promotes not only the removal of waste products but also enhances the transport of nutrients to the muscles via increasing blood flow.






Adam’s recovery strategy and recommendation

Using these recovery strategies ensures I minimize the risk of injury and speed up my recovery between sessions ensuring I am always performing at my best every session. This consistency is key in my ultimate goal of winning the title of World’s Strongest Man. I would highly recommend that strength athletes look at adding cryotherapy to their recovery programme.  When Lifting extreme weights and pushing your body to the limit of what is humanly possible, cryotherapy could be a valuable tool in maintaining health and performance.


You can see more of Adam in action, follow him on YouTube here:  ADAM BISHOP STRONGMAN 

If you are a budding strong man or strength athlete with physical challenges ahead of you, consider trying these great alternative therapy results.  Learn more about cryotherapy:  WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPYCRYOTHERAPY BENEFITS  

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Adam Bishop

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