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Red Light Therapy or RLT, is a form of light therapy that helps heal skin, muscle tissues, joints as well as other parts of the body, simply by exposing the body to the light.

It exposes the body to high-powered red and/or near-infrared light.  Infrared light produces a type of energy that your eyes can’t see, but your body can sense. Red light is very similar to infrared light with the difference that your eyes can see it.

Other terms used for RLT include Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), low-power laser therapy (LPLT), and lastly photobiomodulation (PBM).

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What is Red Light Therapy?

To put it simply, red light therapy and infrared light therapy wavelengths are able to penetrate into the deepest levels of the skin and reach joints, organs, and even bones.  This light stimulates the cells and promotes their natural functioning and healing process. This results in increased energy creation decreased inflammation and better toxin elimination.

By simply exposing your bare skin to the light, your body’s cells get an extra energy boost that helps and optimises the body’s natural recovery process.


You expose your naked skin to an RLT device and the mitochondria of your body’s cells absorb it and turn it into more energy.

Many experts have shown that RLT helps the cells create more energy to perform and repair themselves and improve overall health, especially in skin and muscle tissue.

RLT uses very low levels of heat therefore it does not hurt or burn the skin.



Red light therapy has a wide range of applications.  There are studies showing significant benefits for the following purposes:

Aches & Pains
Brain Health
Eye Health
Hormone Optimisation
Joint Pain
Mood Boost
Muscle Recovery
Physical Performance Enhancement
Post Surgery
Skin Rejuvenation And Beauty
Sleep Enhancement
Tendon Healing
Wound Healing


Red light therapy is considered a very safe and natural treatment. It is non-invasive, chemical-free, and does not contain ultraviolet rays.

Red light therapy boosts the cells of the body and helps them accept nutrients and eliminate toxins faster, which promotes quicker recovery and production of anti-inflammatories. 

The device is safe for the eyes but you may find that the bulbs are very bright and uncomfortable to look at directly. You’ll probably find yourself closing your eyes but you’re welcome to wear your sunglasses.

A 2019 study showed that red light therapy improves sleep quality for insomniacs. With the aid of red light therapy, participants were able to fall asleep quicker, had fewer awakenings, and experienced a deeper sleep.

Our top-of-the-range equipment is approved by the FDA and certified by RoHS and CE so you can feel assured that it complies with the highest levels of safety regulations


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