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Benefits of Cryotherapy

The healing properties, triggered through the use of cold temperature treatments, particularly for injury, have been widely recognised for thousands of years. Sport enthusiasts and athletes in particular, use ice packs and cold treatments as an aid to recovery.

Whole Body Cryotherapy applies the same healing properties, but is applied to the entire body at the same time. Completely non-invasive, this treatment is an ideal solution preferred by many clients, when life and time constraints, dictate otherwise. A Whole Body Cryo treatment, takes between 3 and 5 minutes.

Proven to significantly reduce healing time from strain or injury, or the recovery time from muscle tiredness, post training, Whole Body Cryotherapy can be easily integrated into the busiest of schedules, and will enhance energy levels and encourage the production of mood-lifting endorphins.

Benefits of cryotherapy
When exposed to extreme temperatures, our body experiences something called thermogenesis, which is a metabolic response that automatically warms the body by creating more mitochondria, which is often referred to as the powerhouse of cells.

Our body tissue responds, and is converted in to metabolically active tissue, which with the increased levels, helps the body to burn unwanted fat.

During each treatment, the body is exposed to specifically controlled temperatures which can go as low as -85°C to -90°C. It is possible to burn as many as 800 calories with each Whole Body Cryo treatment.

The extreme temperatures experienced during Whole Body Cryotherapy trigger physiological hormonal responses, which includes the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins. These are known to have a positive effect on those who experience mood disorders like anxiety, stress and depression.

Improvement of Disease & Rehab (BIOHACKING)

Whole Body Cryotherapy is used by clients for longer term pain management, post injury and surgical recovery, with significant rehabilitative results. It will enhance and maintain general wellness and the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties will provide pain relief for long term medical conditions including: osteoarthritis, rheumatism and fibromyalgia.

It can also help reduce uncomfortable itching and inflammation in serious skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Many sports professionals use Cryotherapy as a form of post activity recovery. Not only does it increase blood circulation, but promotes increased strength and energy, and heightens motion and flexibility. It can help to improve muscular fatigue and improved concentration as the brain receives more oxygen. With such extreme temperatures, the body works to create a balance and with increased blood flow; the immune system is boosted naturally, and healing is enhanced.

For those who engage regularly in sporting activity, a 3 minute Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment will support health and recovery.

Sports Injuries

Whole Body Cryotherapy causes inhibition of inflammation which results in a reduction of pain and swelling. This reduction in pain and swelling improves joint function which enables therapists to progress treatment quicker and results in an overall sooner return to play.

Research suggests that Cryotherapy can increase the amount of white blood cells, which are the cells that fight infection. This means that your body is able to identify and react more quickly to, and attack foreign organisms, which may result in illness.

As well as strengthening the immune system, Cryotherapy triggers additional immune responses including a decrease in inflammation as it boosts the number of anti-inflammatory cytokines and reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines. This enables the body to develop a healthy immune cell population and the ability to heal damaged muscles more quickly.

Metabolic Boost

Exposure to such extreme cold temperatures, for short periods of time, raises the body’s metabolic rate as it works to heat back up again. Whole Body Cryotherapy results in an elevated metabolism 24/7.

By briefly freezing the outer layer of skin throughout the entire body, the deep layers of collagen are disrupted, and respond by creating more collagen. As a result, the skin regains elasticity and appears both younger and smoother.

Inflammation is at the core of the aging process and Cryotherapy will help reduce this.  Whole Body Cryotherapy will also reduce cellulite and tighten any loose skin without surgery.


Studies are ever increasing, and provide continued and structured evidence that Cryotherapy does indeed support better health and physical performance. Whilst there is no precise way to determine or qualify, how and when Cryotherapy works at its optimum level, it is highly recommended that you experience Cryotherapy for yourself. It is quite simply a unique experience.

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