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About Cryojuvenate

About Ruth Hyde owner and founder of Cryojuvenate

Ruth is the founding owner of the multi-award-winning Cryotherapy Clinic, Cryojuvenate UK.  Based in Sevenoaks, the business is ‘Kents Cryotherapy Specialists ‘privileged to offer a variety of Cryotherapy treatments, including a whole-body cryotherapy chamber,  alternative cold therapies and  IV Infusions | Vitamin Booster injections.

Although Ruth’s career started in IT & Coms in the City, she always had a passion for fitness. Cycling, running, gym sessions, and boxing kept her fit, until injury struck, and she found herself looking for alternative therapies to aid her own recovery and maintain her longer-term physical balance.

As a juvenile sufferer of crippling rheumatoid arthritis, excruciating cartilage replacements, and calcific tendonitis (calcification of the tendons in her shoulder), little did Ruth realise that these conditions would become instrumental in changing her life, and this is where her story really began.

Driven by her desire to manage her own debilitating conditions, and her hopes for a full recovery, Ruth began her research into injury prevention and cure and discovered Cryotherapy, treatments that use extreme levels of cold.

Favoured by athletes

Ruth found that Cryotherapy was especially favoured by elite sportsmen and women, both pre and post-training and pre and post-competition, and equally important, she found that Cryotherapy treatments were medically proven; it was then that Ruth knew she had found her calling.



And so, in 2017, Cryojuvenate Sevenoaks became the home to a Whole-Body Cryo Chamber, enabling Ruth to offer treatments to a wider audience.


Fitness enthusiasts and local sports teams alike were naturally attracted to the Cryotherapy Chamber, and this, along with Ruth’s infectious enthusiasm and commitment to the local and surrounding community, became the foundation of her business.

Understandably, research has been a key focus since inception and remains crucial to business success. It has seen Ruth maintain her commitment, attention to detail, and her thoroughness of approach, as she works tirelessly to develop her Cryotherapy treatment offering.

In 2018 Ruth began to diversify her treatment range and launched REVIV IV Infusions and Vitamin Booster Clinic. Administered by registered nurses, REVIV treatments have been very popular in supporting a range of conditions including jet lag, fatigue, cardiovascular health, and the signs of aging.

Shortly after this in 2019 came the launch of CRYOPEN; a treatment for warts, skin tags, age spots, etc.  

A highly regulated industry, Ruth goes above and beyond, ensuring that at all times, she and her team continually adhere to the strictest of guidelines and controls, required to support the safety and wellbeing of Cryojuvenate clients.

And today Cryojuvenate is working with the University of Kent Sports & Exercise Sciences to study the effects of whole-body cryotherapy in ‘perimenopausal’ women…. and so you see the evolution continues………..

Today, Cryojuvenate is a multi-award-winning clinic and the primary choice for those in pursuit of the restorative and therapeutic power that is Cryotherapy.

The business is privileged to have earned a long list of loyal clients, from A-list celebrities to professional athletes and many within the local community.

But it doesn’t need to stop there … if you are part of a football or rugby club, sports club, gym team or business wanting to offer treatments to your staff or perhaps gifts with a difference for your corporate clients, Ruth would be delighted to hear from you.


Cryotherapy and Sports Injury in Sevenoaks


Cryojuvenate is a multi-award-winning cryotherapy and sports injury in Sevenoaks and the primary choice for those in pursuit of the restorative and therapeutic power of cryotherapy.

We are proud to be Kent’s leader in cutting-edge cryotherapy.  Within our stylish Sevenoaks location, we offer a range of premium and unique services that target sports recovery, pain relief, fat loss, anti-aging, and general wellness.

We have a team of highly trained, professional staff and a commitment to the health and safety of each one of our clients.

Choose from whole body cryotherapy in our leading-edge CryoAir cryotherapy chamber, localised cryotherapy, red light therapy or take a deep tissue sports massage for sports fitness and pain management with one of our degree-qualified trained sports therapists.

Relax and enjoy one of our aesthetic treatments including a cryotherapy facialcryopen®, cryotherapy body sculpt, EMSculp and Cryolipolysis (LipoFreeze®) for anti-aging and beauty.  Alternatively, boost your immune system and wellness with one of our vitamin injections.



What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment combined with cutting-edge technology to speed up recovery and re-energize the body.

Treatments use cold air and are quick, painless and a non-invasive, they expose the body to specifically controlled temperatures which can go as low as -85°C to -90°C.

A release of endorphins gives an individual a release of ‘feel good’ hormones in to the blood stream, which can help reduce stress.

The (se) physiological changes experienced as a result of a Whole-Body Cryotherapy session have been shown to help in the reduction of pain, chronic inflammation, fatigue and brain fog; it can also provide stimulation of the mind and body.

Over time Cryotherapy could assist with enhancing the body’s immune function, helping to bring it back in to balance.

“I’ve been astounded at the positive reaction! Many of our clients have been amazed and impressed at the result, from pain relief, anti-aging, beauty treatments and sports recovery. I knew we’d find a niche, but everyone from top athletes to people enduring persistent physical problems have found our wide range of cryo-treatments beneficial. We’re building a loyal client base and it’s a fantastic feeling helping so many people.” 

Ruth Hyde

Owner & Founder, Cryojuvenate UK

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