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Cryojuvenate meet the team in sevenoaks in kent

Meet the Team

Sevenoaks, Kent

We have a highly trained team of professional sports massage therapists and registered nurses based here in Sevenoaks Kent

Ruth Hyde

Ruth Hyde

Founding Owner

About Ruth

Ruth is the founder of Cryojuvenate UK, and is a British entrepreneur with a track record of enterprise and resourcefulness, formerly in the IT industry and the City of London.She overcame crippling rheumatoid arthritis at age 13 to continue with her love of sports that includes cycling, and even boxing. She stays fit and alert with early morning walks and gym sessions.

Ruth is passionate about cryotherapy techniques and benefits, and has been meticulous in every aspect of bringing these helpful treatments to a wider public at Cryojuvenate UK.

Ruby Plenderleith

Ruby Plenderleith

Marketing Manager

About Ruby

Ruby is part of our extended cryo family and works closely with us on a freelance basis to manage our marketing and social media strategy.  This extends far beyond daily posts, it’s a finely tuned ship that involved working together with our partners, preparing quality copywritten content, and the management of newsletters to our clients.

With 8+ years of experience in the marketing and events world, Ruby’s worked for industry titans such as The Telegraph, Channel 4, and Hearst UK (publishers of Women’s Health, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper’s Bizarre magazines) and on campaigns for top brands like Reebok, Oatly, Timberland and LOADS more before forging a freelance career by herself.

In her rare moments of downtime, her happy place is walking with her little sidekick (an elderly but gorgeous pug called Riley) up in the hills of Scotland. But when she can’t get to Scotland… a bottle of prosecco with the girls will do the trick!

Lauren Clements

Lauren Clements

Senior Cryotherapy & Sports Massage Rehabilitation Therapist

About Lauren

Lauren graduated from Middlesex University in 2019 with a BSC in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation.

For the past 5 years, she has worked with both football and rugby teams providing massage, first aid, taping, cupping, dry needling, spinal manipulation, rehab programs, and sessions. She has also provided pitch side work and dealt with immediate and life-threatening injuries. This has exposed her to a wide range of injuries allowing her to provide the best treatments and rehab for her clients.

With lots of sporting experience, she is now looking forward to working on the clinical side of injuries and seeing the benefits of cryotherapy.

Outside of the clinic she enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as tending to her vegetable patch.

Remy Sancto

Remy Sancto

Cryotherapy & Sports Massage Rehabilitation Therapist

About Remy

Remy Sancto is the new face you’ll be seeing around our clinic!

Remy graduated from the University of Essex with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and an MSc in Sports Rehabilitation.

Since graduating Remy has worked in a clinic providing sports therapy to a wide range of clients AND has also worked for both football and hockey teams, currently working for Holcombe Hockey Club’s women’s 1st team.

In her spare time, Remy enjoys going to the gym and playing hockey

Brian Chinedu Okorocha

Brian Chinedu Okorocha

Cryotherapy & Sports Massage Rehabilitation

About Brian

Brian graduated from the University of Canterbury Christ Church with a BSc in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation in 2023.

Since graduating, Brian has worked for Ashford Rugby Club on an internship and for Sedlescombe Rangers football club men’s 1st team providing services of Sports Therapy and Sports Massage to a wide range of Clients.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys going to the gym, cooking and playing football.

Brogan Willis

Brogan Willis

GET A DRIP Administering Nurse & CryoPen Practitioner

About Brogan

Brogan is an NHS registered children’s nurse having worked in many specialties such as neonatal intensive care, adolescent wards, and rotation of children services giving her a varied skill set.

Brogan currently works in the community keeping children well at home and using her many skills to provide treatment and daily reviews.

She also has a keen interest in holistic therapies keeping well and helping others to take control of their own health. In her spare time, she loves going to the gym.



Rachelle Rodriguez

Rachelle Rodriguez

GET A DRIP Administering Nurse & CryoPen Practitioner

About Rachelle

Being a compassionate and caring individual is one of Rachelle’s core values.

Rachelle started her nursing career with the NHS, specialising in Interventional Radiology, based in London.

Family-driven decisions led Rachelle to relocate to Kent, where she joined a private Hospital working within the outpatient department.   Her work has been widely with diverse people and varying conditions.

In her spare time, she is a mother. She likes cooking Filipino-Italian dishes.

Kat Knight

Kat Knight

GET A DRIP MOBILE Administering Nurse

About Kat

Kat joins Get A Drip Sevenoaks as a mobile Administering Nurse.

Kat is a registered children’s nurse and works within the community to provide acute and long term care to children, keeping them at home rather than in a hospital.

A noble vocation with a caring and optimistic personality to boot!

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