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In our continuous endeavor to enlighten you about various skin health topics, we bring attention towards an innovative technology called ‘Map My Mole’ and a safe removal method, CryoPen®

‘Map My Mole’ is a pioneering way to monitor moles and detect early signs of skin abnormalities.

This technology digitally records the size, shape, and colour of moles, helping to identify any changes over time that may be indicative of health concerns.

Together we can make a significant difference in the early detection and prevention of skin cancer.

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What is the ‘Map My Mole’ service

Map My Mole stands out as the pioneering ‘App’ which incorporates a certified ‘Class 1’ medical device into its service.

The custom-designed dermoscope, or dermatoscope enables us to capture the detailed images required by our experts.

This specialized tool ensures that our experts adhere to the guidelines set forth by the British Association of Dermatologists for teledermatology.

A dermoscope, also referred to as a dermatoscope, is a medical instrument employed by dermatologists and other healthcare practitioners to closely examine the skin.

These devices come in a range of shapes, sizes, and with various features. The application of dermoscopy has emerged as a crucial tool in the early detection of skin cancer and plays a key role in enhancing diagnostic accuracy.


What does it cost?

Map My Mole

Its very simple, we will take a Dyplense smart skin image of up to 3 moles for £79.

Our full pricelist can be found here.

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Upon your appointment, our registered nurses and skilled senior therapists will engage in an initial discussion about your concerns.

Subsequently, using our advanced ‘dyplens’ smart skin imaging tool, we will capture both a standard photograph and a dermoscope photograph of up to 3 lesions per client.

This data, combined with your information, will be compiled and directly sent to Map My Mole, who will provide a comprehensive report about the lesions within 24 hours.

Clients will receive this information via email, after which we will initiate a discussion about potential removal process using our CryoPen®.

CryoPen® for Removal of Benign Lesions

The CryoPen® is a high-precision device utilizing extreme cold to safely and effectively remove skin lesions and benign moles.

Despite the impressive technique, it’s not always advised to rush into a CryoPen® procedure immediately after identifying a concern.

Your skin’s health is always paramount. Therefore, it’s prudent to consult with a healthcare professional or dermatologist who can best determine the optimal time for mole removal.

Safeguard your skin health with our advanced ”Map My Mole’ solution: early detection is vital.


We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions.

You can expect to receive a preliminary diagnosis within 24 hours

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