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Cryotherapy Body Sculpt

Cryo Body Sculpt is a non-invasive process that combines localised cryotherapy with deep tissue massage to help improve the overall appearance of cellulite.

It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, tightens and firms the skin.

We all want to be happy with how our body looks and feels and acceptance is something we strive for, whether that’s because we want to look great on the beach in the summer or we’re focusing on our health and well-being.

We’re all the same.

But we come in different shapes and sizes, so finding a way to balance how we look and feel, will have different levels of success.

Cryo Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt in Sevenoaks


Cryo Body Sculpting can produce incredible results. Treatments not only help with the removal of excess fat, but it works to tighten the skin, helping to achieve the results that sometimes dieting and exercise simply can’t.

Cellulite is a term that we’re all familiar with, but perhaps know little about. It’s very common and harmless. Cellulite looks like dimpled or bumpy skin and is sometimes described as having an orange peel texture. According to research, between 80 – 90% of adult women have some cellulite, generally found on the hips, buttocks and thighs, although it can manifest on the lower abdomen and upper arms.

Weight gain can impact the noticeability of cellulite, but those who are lean in stature are by no means exempt. Genetics can play at part.

These natural and non-invasive treatments result in a reduction of density and thickness of fat layers. As the therapist gently massages and sculpts the target area, it encourages fat cells break down, and disperse through the body’s natural lymphatic drainage.

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