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Special Offers, Sevenoaks Kent

Special offers for all your wellness needs

Here are our special offers for all your cryotherapy and wellness needs-  for sports recovery, health & wellbeing, beauty, weight & fat loss including whole-body and local cryotherapy in Sevenoaks, Kent.

If you fancy challenging yourself then try our 5 and 10-day whole-body cryotherapy chamber challenges. It is one of the most popular special deals we have.

The special offers are updated all the time, so make sure to keep an eye out for new special offers.



We declare this September to be MEMBERSHIP MONTH!

Why? Because for the whole of September 2022, we’re offering 50% off your first month of membership! Save anywhere between £20 right up to £150 depending on the membership you choose | USE CODE: MEM50 | BOOK & BUY HERE

More about this offer

We have 8 fantastically flexible memberships for you to choose from, from recovery to slimming to general wellbeing.

Cryotherapy on a regular basis enables you to look after both your recovery and well-being.

Achieve multiple health and wellness benefits such as helping with weight loss, enhancing the brain, improving athletic performance and recovery, boosting the immune system and skin rejuvenation and anti-aging when you join the most flexible and value for money #CRYOCOOL Club and *SELECT memberships here at Cryojuvenate.

Already a member? No need to miss out, if you upgrade to the next level of membership you’ll also get that 50% discount on your first month!

Simply pick your membership and use the code MEM50 at checkout




A huge warm welcome to Vicky Di Placito, who joins our team this week as an Advanced Registered Nurse to deliver Cryopen® and Intravita vitamin injections.

This September purchase single vitamin injections or a course of six and get 10% off by using the code VICKY10

More about this offer

Choose from our selection of Vitamin injections here

Vitamin B12, Glutathione, Biotin, B Complex or the unique Fat Burner

  • Sale Price £36 per shot (RRP  £40)
  • Sale Price £180 per course of 6 (RRP £200) 

BOOK & HERE (scroll down)

LEARN MORE about vitamin deficiencies

sports massage intro offer at cryojuvenate in sevenoaks kent

If you are a NEW or EXISTING client at Cryojuvenate and have never taken a SPORTS MASSAGE with us, you will qualify for the INTRO offer pricing (25 min @ £30 [RRP £45 | 45 min @ £50 [RRP £65]) | BOOK & BUY ONLINE 

More about this offer

A sports massage is a type of bodywork that is used to improve physical performance.  It can also be used to help with injuries and other conditions.

There are many benefits of sports massage.  These include:

  • improved blood flow and circulation
  • reduced muscle tension
  • relief from pain and stiffness
  • enhanced athletic performance
  • improved flexibility, balance, coordination, and agility.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why someone would want to get a sports massage.

It can be used to help an athlete recover from injury, or it can be used as a preventative measure to avoid injury in the first place.

Book your sports massage in Sevenoaks Kent today



Whole Body Cryotherapy intro offer in Sevenoaks Kent

If you are a NEW or EXISTING client at Cryojuvenate and have never taken a WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY CHAMBER with us, you will qualify for the INTRO offer pricing (1 Person  @ £35 [RRP £60 | 2 Person @ £50 [RRP £80) | BOOK & BUY ONLINE 

More about this offer

Whole body Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment combined with cutting-edge technology to speed up recovery and re-energize the body.

Treatments use cold air and are quick, painless and non-invasive. They expose the body to specifically controlled temperatures which can go as low as -85°C to -90°C.

Whilst these temperatures might sound extreme, research has proven that this is the optimum temperature with which to experience the maximum benefits of Cryotherapy, and with minimum discomfort.

The Whole-Body Cryotherapy Chamber is both restorative and therapeutic.

Whole-Body Cryo sessions are shown to help with the reduction of pain, chronic inflammation, fatigue, and brain fog; it also provides stimulation of the mind and body.

Book your whole body cryotherapy chamber in Sevenoaks Kent today



Red Light Photobiomodulation for aches and pains


If this is your first visit and you would like to try it out, you can book a single introduction session for just £10 for 10 minutes. BOOK  & BUY ONLINE

After your taster session, we offer Red Light Therapy courses:

  • Course of 10 sessions (10 mins) £199
  • Course of 20 sessions (10 min) £299

More about Red Light Therapy

We have introduced Red Light Therapy We, as humans, need exposure to light to ensure our physical and psychological wellbeing. If we don’t get enough light, it can wreak havoc on our bodies and state of mind. Sunlight increases our vitamin D and serotonin levels,………. read the blog


Special offers for Whole body cryotherapy every day for 5 or 10 days at Cryojuvenate

Have you heard about the benefits of taking cryotherapy every day? TAKE YOUR CHAMBER CHALLENGE HERE  | BOOK & BUY ONLINE

Fancy trying our Cryochamber? Up to 70% off!*

Would you benefit from… Feeling more energised? Better quality of sleep? Boosted metabolism? Brighter skin? Improved performance and fast recovery?

What is it? Head into our state-of-the-art Cryochamber and embrace the freeze (temperatures get as low as -90°C) for 3 minutes for either 5 or 10 consecutive days.

HUGE savings

➡️ 5-Day Challenge = £130 (normally £250, saving you £120!!!)  | BUY online here

➡️ 10-Day Challenge = £180 (normally £500, saving you £320!!!)  | BUY online here

The healing properties, triggered through the use of cold temperature treatments, particularly for injury, have been widely recognised for thousands of years.

Sports enthusiasts and athletes, in particular, use ice packs and cold treatments as an aid to recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy applies the same healing properties but is applied to the entire body at the same time.

Completely non-invasive, this treatment is an ideal solution preferred by many clients, when life and time constraints, dictate otherwise.

A Whole Body Cryo treatment, takes between 3 and 5 minutes. Proven to significantly reduce healing time from strain or injury, or the recovery time from muscle tiredness, post-training.

Whole Body Cryotherapy can be easily integrated into the busiest of schedules and will enhance energy levels and encourage the production of mood-lifting endorphins.


**Cryotherapy every day made me feel alive Aside from the obvious relief from the outside temperatures which we were blessed with during the summer of 2020, my body felt incredibly energised, even after just one session. For me the effect was immediate.

My skin would tingle with the cold, but it felt alive and almost immediately my skin began to glow. Those who saw me in between treatments will stand testament to how well I looked.

Cryotherapy every day made me feel revived. My body felt revived and my energy levels went through the roof. My sleep quality improved, and as a lady of a certain age, it even helped to moderate those ‘power surges’, and that was just the best.**

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