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Special Offers

Here are our special offers for all your cryotherapy needs for sports recovery, health & wellbeing, beauty, weight & fat loss including whole-body and local cryotherapy.

If you fancy a challenge then try our 5 and 10-day whole-body cryotherapy chamber challenges. It is one of our most popular special deals. 


Bodysculpting massage and cooling to treat cellulite

BODYSCULPT OFFER – For the whole of May you can book a block of 5x 45min sessions (this covers two areas) for just £239 (normally £300) | BOOK  HERE **select ‘BODY SCULPT 45 (FIVE)’, and use code CRYOBS5 at checkout**

More about this offer

This treatment is fabulous at treating cellulite, just in time for the weather warming up too! It won’t be long until we’re getting our bodies into those bikinis and beachwear!🩱🩳

Get a headstart on your summer body with some Cryo Body Sculpting – a non-invasive process that combines localised cryotherapy with deep tissue massage to help improve the overall appearance of cellulite.

This treatment encourages fat cells to break down and disperse through the body’s natural lymphatic drainage.

Treatments not only help with the removal of excess fat, but it works to tighten the skin, helping to achieve the results that sometimes dieting and exercise simply can’t. ⚡

⚠️ T&C’s – Offer ends at midnight on Tues 31 May 2022. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Must be used/started 3 months from date of purchase.



Red light therapy combined with whoel body cryotherapy

ICE & LIGHT ⚠️EARLY BIRD OFFER ⚠️ Book your first Ice and Light combo pack at our special price of just £49 (normally £75) | NO CODE NECESSARY | BOOK  HERE

The newest to our range of combination packs is ‘The Ice and Light’ combo – combining the freeze power of the cryo chamber with the benefits of longer Red Light Therapy to really super-charge your treatment.

More about this offer

Sometimes you need just a little something extra, which is why we offer a variety of combination packs. These packs combine treatments that complement each other to deliver maximum results and save you time and money, compared to booking them separately.


1x Whole Body Cryotherapy session (3-5 minutes) ❄️1x Red Light Therapy session (20 minutes) 💡

⚠️ T&C’s – Offer ends at midnight on Tues 31 May 2022. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Must be used/started 3 months from date of purchase.



Raising money for physio for brain damamged boxer Charlie Wynn

PHYSIO FOR CHARLIE – YOUNG BOXER CHARLIE SUSTAINED LIFE-CHANGING BRAIN DAMAGE in 2017, hear his story and find out how you can help raise money by entering our auction to WIN A SIGNED BOXING GLOVE | LEARN MORE HERE

Here's how you can help

Charlie Wynn is a tremendous boxer, a loyal customer, and a much-loved member of this community. In 2018 he suffered a life-changing injury whilst sparring – a bleed to the brain (unfortunately this is not uncommon for boxers).

Nearly 4 years later and Charlie is still battling in a private care home. His friends and family are trying to raise money for his ongoing treatment.

The folks at Hennessey Sports have kindly donated to us a boxing glove signed by their whole team. We are running a prize draw for this glove and all money raised will be going to Charlie’s cause.

If you can, I do hope you will show your support – it would mean the world!

To enter the prize draw, here’s what you need to do:

1. Head to the JustGiving page here (you can read more about Charlie’s story too)

2. Make a donation of £5 minimum

3. Leave a message along with the donation that says ‘PHYSIO FOR CHARLIE’

(it’s very important that you leave this message otherwise we will not be able to identify your donation).

We will be announcing the lucky receipient of the ‘glove’ on Saturday 30th April 2022.


Special offers for Whole body cryotherapy every day for 5 or 10 days at Cryojuvenate

Have you heard about the benefits of taking cryotherapy every day? TAKE YOUR CHAMBER CHALLENGE HERE  | BUY online here

Fancy trying our Cryochamber? Up to 70% off!*

Would you benefit from… Feeling more energised? Better quality of sleep? Boosted metabolism? Brighter skin? Improved performance and fast recovery? What is it? Head into our state-of-the-art Cryochamber and embrace the freeze (temperatures get as low as -90°C) for 3 minutes for either 5 or 10 consecutive days.

HUGE savings

➡️ 5-Day Challenge = £130 (normally £250, saving you £120!!!)  | BUY online here

➡️ 10-Day Challenge = £180 (normally £500, saving you £320!!!)  | BUY online here

The healing properties, triggered through the use of cold temperature treatments, particularly for injury, have been widely recognised for thousands of years. Sports enthusiasts and athletes, in particular, use ice packs and cold treatments as an aid to recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy applies the same healing properties but is applied to the entire body at the same time.

Completely non-invasive, this treatment is an ideal solution preferred by many clients, when life and time constraints, dictate otherwise.

A Whole Body Cryo treatment, takes between 3 and 5 minutes. Proven to significantly reduce healing time from strain or injury, or the recovery time from muscle tiredness, post-training, Whole Body Cryotherapy can be easily integrated into the busiest of schedules and will enhance energy levels and encourage the production of mood-lifting endorphins.


**Cryotherapy every day made me feel alive Aside from the obvious relief from the outside temperatures which we were blessed with during the summer of 2020, my body felt incredibly energised, even after just one session. For me the effect was immediate. My skin would tingle with the cold, but it felt alive and almost immediately my skin began to glow. Those who saw me in between treatments will stand testament to how well I looked. Cryotherapy every day made me feel revived. My body felt revived and my energy levels went through the roof. My sleep quality improved, and as a lady of a certain age, it even helped to moderate those ‘power surges’, and that was just the best.**

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