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Feeling sluggish, putting on weight, sore muscles? – Cryotherapy is a Lifestyle Decision

Experience a Cryotherapy lifestyle in 2020

It’s 2020 and a brand-new decade is upon us,  just a ten years ago who would ever have imagined that going into a cryotherapy chamber at -85℃ for between 3-to 5 minutes would be regarded as a great health & wellbeing boost and especially beneficial for sports recovery?   Well that is exactly what is now a reality,  Cryotherapy is fast becoming a part of everyday life and certainly a concious lifestyle decision! Just one of many options available to people who are looking to be the best version of themself.



Ten Years Ago

Experience a Cryotherapy lifestyle in 2020So, a lot has happened over the past 10 years, for example.. did anyone use Life Coaches ten years ago?   Did anyone spend unhealthy hours looking at Social Media platorms ten years ago? No probably not! I admit that the early iPhones had been about for a couple of years by that time, but I’m guessing if you were like me you didn’t really grasp what all these ‘Apps’ were for or about.   I’d lived without this technology, but all of a sudden ten years later neither I or my business can survive without it!  Hmmmm…….good or bad?

For almost 3 of these years Cryojuvenate has slowly and organically grown into the business it is today.  It has been the most memorble journey of ups an downs but euqally so much fun and satisfaction to be able to help people using cryotherapy. Fast forward to 2020,  I am thrilled to have the most fantastic loyal team of therapists who deliver the Cryotherapy treatments professionally in the luxury of our beautiful clinic.  Cryojuvenate is now a multi-award winning company and ‘Kent’s Cryotherapy Specialists’ .  We have become the go-to place for all round recovery, wellness, beauty and weight loss treatments as well as partnering with sports clubs, gyms, personalities and local businesses community and being a sponsor to four amazing atheletes.

Sharing our plans for 2020

Sharing our plans for 2020 is a pleasure, this year our goals are to continue to educate about cryotherapy benefits and how it can genuinely help to improve YOU!  Checkout our historic blogs with a plethera of subjects –  ‘auto-immune diseases’, ‘biohacking’, ‘skin disorders’, ‘depression & anxiety’, ‘jetlag’  – or go to the ‘BLOG’ tab on our website if you would like to learn more.

In the meantime Cryojuvenate will be taking part in various up and coming events in 2020,  you may even find us delivering our treatments in your gym or place of work.  Please do get in touch if you have a location you would like us to bing our mobile localised cryotherapy along to, perhaps to your football or rugby club?

Become an Ambassador

Experience a Cryotherapy lifestyle in 2020

We have a great team of Ambassadors who represent Cryojuvenate amongst their networks.

Would you like to work with us?  become a Cryojuvenate Ambassador and earn comission by introducing your fiends and family?   if you would like to get involved you can find more information click here


Coming Soon  – Acupuncture Clinic in Sevenoaks

We will soon be launching an Accupuncture clinic, due to start at the beginning of February.  I have pleasure in introducing Sue Mason of Masons Acupuncture  Sue is a fully qualified licencesed acupucturist with a BSc honours degree in Acupuncture from the prestigious International College of Oriental Medicine.   More information about the lauch will be available very soon….watch this space.

Paying it Forward

If you take advantage of our January promotions you will be given the opportunity to purchase your next treatment at the same january promotional price.  If you love our treatments this is the perfect way to keep coming back for more.

New Year Resolutions

We really don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions here at Cryojuvenate UK; our mentality is to “start as you mean to go on” and with that in mind, our January promotions may just what you have been waiting for to take the plunge (almost literally)!

January Promotions

These promotions will run for the whole of January, we have something for everyone.

Experience a Cryotherapy lifestyle in 2020

Suffering for fatigue, achy or sore muscles. Struggle with backpain, arthritus, auto-immune disease., psorisis, depression. The chamber can help! T’s&C’s: Must be purchased, booked and taken in January (unlimited per person)

Experience a Cryotherapy lifestyle in 2020

Slimboost will help regulate sleep, mood and appetite, Vitaboost is a master anti-detoxidant and will help to cleanse the vital organs and encourge hair and nail growth and good skin. T’s&C’s: Purchase in January (3 months to use).

Experience a Cryotherapy lifestyle in 2020

Looking to shed inches and some of those Xmas pounds?  Fancy a refreshing Cryotherapy Facial?  Book on-line In need of some sports recovery\ deep tissue massage? Have any age spots, skin tags or cherry’s you want to get rid of? T’s&C’s: Purchase in January 2020 (3 months to use)

***Click here to Book on-line***

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, best wishes Ruth



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