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Reasons to have a Deep Tissue Sports Massage. Our top ten tips.

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Ever wondered why you should have a deep tissue sports massage, or what it can actually do to help you.  Here are our Top Ten Tips just for you!

  1. Have a good stretch before and after. This can help to loosen the muscles and ease discomfort. A nice hot bath after can also help to loosen the muscles meaning you will get the most from your massage.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for more/less pressure. You know your body and what you can or cannot tolerate. Sometimes you just need that little bit more pressure to help release the knot.


  1. Relax! The tenser you are the less you are going to benefit from the massage. By relaxing means we can really get into the muscles and really stretch them out and move all of the waste products.


  1. Remember Sports Massages can be uncomfortable but should never be painful. Sometimes the area can be too sensitive so rather than going through unnecessary pain, tell the therapist and they can either change their stroke, ease off the pressure or move away from that area.


  1. Drink water after. Massages can help to remove the waste products produced from exercise and so by keeping hydrated you’re helping to flush out remaining toxins.


  1. Try to give as much detail as possible when giving the history of the injury. The human body is so intricate that its often forgotten that the old ankle problem that occurred years ago could actually be the reason for the recent back pain. Getting headaches? Could be to do with all the tension and tightness there is in your shoulders.

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  1. Don’t be apologetic for your body. We aren’t here to judge, we’re here to help. If you don’t feel comfortable removing items of clothing in front of us, just say and we will happily leave the room whilst you get yourself ready.


  1. Got a recent injury? Then maybe a deep tissue massage isn’t for you. When you injure yourself your body goes through a set of responses. One stage is the inflammatory response which is what causes the swelling. A deep tissue massage could further injure the tissue – it needs time to heal. A light flush of the area can help to reduce inflammation and also desensitise the area which can add some comfort.


  1. When booking let us know any allergies to certain products. We use oil, which means a nice smooth massage. However, everyone is different and if your skin reacts badly let us know when booking so we make it clear which medium needs to be used by the therapist.


  1. Be prepared to repeat the massage. There’s normally a reason why your body has gained all these knots and tightness, so why just get a massage once and then end up back to square one? Regular massages can help to release tension and can help keep your muscles working effectively which can help prevent any further injuries.


Want to book a Sports Massage Sevenoaks to help you during your pre-hab and post-hab training. Contact us here

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