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Wholebody Cryotherapy, a Sports Injury Clinic Review!

A review By Jon White of Jon W Sports Injury Clinic


Wholebody Cryotherapy, a Sports Injury Clinic Review!Here I provide my thoughts on my cryotherapy experience, being placed in a chamber at -85 degrees in preparation for running the London Marathon 2019. This is now in just five days. I am running for an amazing charity called Livability who help people with disability connect with the everyday world.  As someone who is always excited by latest treatment methods and who also believes in the rehabilitating power of ice I have always been intrigued by cryotherapy.

I have seen lots of media attention on cryotherapy and recently saw it being administered on the fantastic documentary, Harry Hero’s (if you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it).

So, I decided it was time to find out about cryotherapy myself.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is any form of treatment that involves using freezing temperatures. However, a popular form of treatment is ‘whole body cryotherapy’. This involves being placed standing in a chamber of temperatures around -85 degrees. It is claimed that this will:

  • Recover, Refresh & Energise
  • Reduce Pain & Inflammation
  • Enhance Sports Performance
  • Accelerates Recovery
  • Supports Health & Wellness (plus it can burn 500-800 calories)



My experience of cryotherapy

Wholebody Cryotherapy, a Sports Injury Clinic Review!So I found my nearest clinic was Cryojuvenate in Sevenoaks. An appointment was booked for me.

I was provided with helpful information pre-appointment so I knew exactly what to expect and off I went intrigued about how I would find the treatment. Upon arrival, I was very impressed by the clinic. Easy to find and well presented. I was greeted by Ruth (Owner) and  Becky (Sports Therapist) who instantly made me feel very welcome. Then, it was time to enter the chamber. I was informed that this was an electric chamber thus providing me a whole body experience.

I changed into some provided shorts, slippers, gloves, head gear and a mask. The chamber looked very futuristic and the temperature displayed showed a slightly chilly -85 degrees. In I stepped….Clearly it was cold but far from uncomfortable.




In fact, I instantly felt an enjoyment (this may have been from the well chosen music of Vanilla Ice being played through the sound system). I could clearly see the digital clock counting down from three minutes and I could just about make out the team standing outside checking in that I was ok.

I must admit, I felt at peace and began to feel the coldness working into my muscles. With one minute remaining a snow like substance was pumped into the chamber and I felt the temperature drop further. Then my three minutes was complete. After being slightly nervous at the start, I was now disappointed to finish. This was confirmation that I had enjoyed my time in the chamber.


Did I do ‘what it said it on the tin’?

The first benefit was to recover, refresh and energise. I can answer this with a categoric YES. I certainly felt energised and left with an extra spring in my step. I have been suffering a niggly injury that has been improving however, on my run today (16 hours post cryotherapy) I didn’t notice the injury. I therefore hope that this will contribute to an enhance sporting performance when I take part in the 2019 London Marathon on 28th April.

As someone who ‘ice baths’ (put together in my home bath tub with ice cubes and cold water), I can confirm that ‘whole body cryo’ is a far more enjoyable experience. Ice baths are not something I enjoy but do as I believe in their merit. With the chamber being able to decrease the temperature far greater I am hopeful of even better results!

Overall, I was impressed and believe it to be a valid and beneficial treatment alongside Sports Injury Therapy.

We are so flattered here at Cryojuvenate to hear how much Jon enjoyed and benefited in his marathon training from the whole body cryotherapy chamber.  Super pleased that he has also take the time to write a blog about it.  Thankyou Jon, we will look forward to see you again soon.





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