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Cryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!

If your face isn’t feeling its usual perky self, then come and discover the wonderful revitalising effects of a cryotherapy facial, the next big trend in anti-aging at Cryojuvenate UK.

The ‘QUICK FIX FACIAL’  has arrived!

Cryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!This is a 15 minute pure Cryo Facial which will has been added to our portfolio of Facial Cryotherapy treatments. Specifically targeted at busy people who just never seem to achieve the ME time they deserve!  Well here’s the answer, it takes only 15 minutes so no excuses not to try this little GEM of a treatment  available as an alternative to the Luxury(60mins) and Express (30 mins) facials already offered.

How Does the CRYO FACIAL Work

Cryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!This is our CRYO AIR, an electric device that we use to carry out the cryotherapy facials.   Super safe and free from any gases (such as nitrogen used in other appliances).

Using a controlled jet of super-cooled air, facial cryotherapy works by contracting and then dilating the blood vessels in the face, scalp and neck, improving the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface.

BenefitsCryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!

This has multiple benefits, including stimulating the production of collagen giving the skin a tighter, more defined look; smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles; reducing the appearance of blemishes; flushing away toxins; and producing a fuller, more youthful complexion.

Pain-free and non-invasive, facial cryotherapy is a quick and relaxing way to firm the skin and boost radiance.


What people are saying about our Express & Luxury Facials!

Chantelle: The express facial was amazing a definite must and wonderful gift. Very professional and friendly staff. My face felt cleansed, soft and hydrated, looking forward to trying the deluxe facial.


Michelle: Booked in for the express facial, was warmly welcomed at reception, and taken into a room. Made to feel very Comfortable, relaxed and she started with giving me a facial massage, lovely oils and creams and then hot towels to open my pores. Then she used the localised cryotherapy on my face, and it was so relaxing. A beautiful experience, my skin felt like it was 24 years old again, (I’m nearly 50), & I noticed a difference too. A great concept, and business, Cryojuvenate really look after their customers, they take the time and talk to them, friendly customer service wins every time, and they have it in bucket loads. 1st class service

What to expect

Cryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!During the procedure, you can relax while your therapist gently applies chilled air from a hand-held nozzle to your face and neck as required (7 minutes on each side of your face, this includes the face, head and neck). You’ll begin to feel a tightening of the skin, a natural reaction to the cold and warming process, and see a more radiant countenance in the mirror as you experience the rejuvenating benefits over the next few days.


Cryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!

At the end of the treatment we will apply the DERMO 28 Recovery Cream which has a rich and silky texture to nourish, soothe and calm your skin.  Dermo28 Recovery Cream strengthens your skins natural barrier function helping to reduce redness, minimise sensitivity and prevent moisture loss. Free from fragrances, preservatives, solvents and common allergens.

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Cryotherapy Facial! the Best way to Brighter Tighter Skin!

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 Questions & Answers

  1. Does it hurt?
    A. No. You may experience some tightening of the skin. The air jet is ‘dry’ so although it is cold, it will not hurt like ice.
  2. How long after treatment before I see the benefits?
    A. The cooling treatment will take 7 minutes for each side of the face and you should start to see the benefits immediately.
  3. How many sessions should I have?
    A. You may book a one-off facial cryotherapy treatment, but long-term results normally come after multiple treatments. You may also book your facial cryotherapy in combination with other treatments at Cryojuvenate UK.
  4. How long do the benefits last?
    A. You should start to see immediate benefits and these can last for up to seven days.
  5. Is it safe?
    A. Yes, facial cryotherapy is non-invasive and generally accepted to be a very safe. Always check that you are being treated by a properly trained consultant and discuss your treatment with your consultant if you have any concerns.  See our waiver for details. If in doubt, consult your doctor.




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