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Need a vitamin boost? Take IV therapy and vitamin injections in Sevenoaks

On August 1 2019, Cryojuvenate UK launched its REVIV IV infusion and vitamin booster therapies.  These alternative therapies are world renowned and as I see it, they are another tool, alongside cryotherapy treatments, to help people manage their own health and wellbeing.


To recap, there are five different infusions which have multiple benefits including providing hydration, boosting immunity and improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails.  The vitamin boosters benefit the body in similar ways and can help with weight loss, feeling lethargic and ageing.

Need a vitamin boost? Take IV therapy and vitamin injections in Sevenoaks

The team at REVIV includes doctors and nurses who are regularly checking the treatments to ensure consistent quality.  At Cryojuvenate, as we are a REVIV clinic, we can call the medical team to help with answering questions and also checking client eligibility for the treatments.

Since launching the treatments we have been inundated with requests for appointments and more information, so we thought it was about time we told you a little more about how the treatments are administered.

The appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted by the usual friendly team at Cryojuvenate but also by a registered nurse who will sit down with you and run through a questionnaire – much like the one that we run through with you for cryotherapy but with more medical questions.  The nurse will take your blood pressure and pulse rate and calculate your BMI (body mass index) as well as asking you about medical conditions.  If we are in any doubt then we can phone one of the REVIV doctors for clarification and guidance.

You will then be taken through to one of our rooms for the rejuvenating and revitalising treatment you’ve chosen.  We formulate the infusion per appointment – they’re not ‘in stock’ and waiting to be used.  We use a formula, or recipe if you like, and we have strict guidelines and procedures to follow for health and safety.


Need a vitamin boost? Take IV therapy and vitamin injections in Sevenoaks

The infusion is an IV drip: first the nurse will apply a tourniquet to the chosen arm and sanitise the area of the medial cubican vein (inner arm – elbow) in preparation.  They do this for a living so know what they’re doing!  Once the tube is inserted, you can expect the treatment to take between 35 and 45 minutes, depending on the treatment.  The Royal Flush for example is a two litre drip and takes a little longer than the others.





Booster shots

Need a vitamin boost? Take IV therapy and vitamin injections in SevenoaksThe boosters are an injection rather than a drip.  The nurse will inject you either in your arm or in your bottom (most people opt for the bottom believe it or not!) and then the needle will be disposed of in medical bins; likewise, all the equipment needed for the infusions.  It takes minutes and it really doesn’t hurt, just in case you’re wondering!



Need a vitamin boost? Take IV therapy and vitamin injections in Sevenoaks


“I had three vitamin injections; hours later I had so much energy!  Next I tried the Royal Flush IV drip – what a boost!  I recommend to anyone!  The REVIV treatments have surpassed my expectations!” Prab Hoogan, Cryojuvenate customer



Once you’ve had your treatment, you’re free to go and carry on with your day – simple as that!  Each individual will feel the effects of the treatment differently and within different timescales but generally within a couple of days.

You can also mix and match the therapies depending on your needs; for example, you could have all the boosters in one day, or you could have an infusion and a booster in the same day.  There are some medical guidelines that we stick to with regard to which combinations can be taken in certain timeframes.  And don’t try pushing us – we won’t budge!

These infusions and boosters are not a gimmick and not something we take lightly.  Registered nurses administer the treatments (meet nurse John) but all of us at Cryojuvenate have been trained in our roles too.  There are many policies that we have to follow behind the scenes to ensure the integrity of the product and the service that we and REVIV deliver.

IV THERAPIES Vitamin Injections

If you have any questions about the treatments then please do contact me to discuss them.  You don’t want to miss out on their benefits just because you didn’t ask!  As the colder weather approaches, this is a great time to boost immunity with our treatments so give me a call today (01732 449411) or pop in (we’re just next to Waitrose on Sevenoaks High Street) – I’m always happy to chat through any of the procedures.

Ruth x



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