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Biohacks for your health in 2021 using Cryotherapy – January offers

Biohacks for your health in 2021 – Cryotherapy

Let the New Year lifting begin……. try biohacks for your health in 2021 with crypotherapy? At this time of the year if you make one small change it could make a difference to becoming the best version of you.

Cryojuvenate has fast become the go-to place for all-round recovery, wellness, beauty and weight loss treatments; literally. If you are feeling sluggish, putting on weight or have sore muscles a daily dose of our cryotherapy chamber could be the conscious lifestyle decision for you.  Everyone who tries it experiences a rush of endorphins, or happy hormones after being in the chamber so why not start the year positively? A great way to wake-up your body after the festive period.

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You may have heard of a hack (biohack) – it’s a quick way or a short cut to achieve something.  There are hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to life hacks on cooking, your beauty regime, crafting with children and even arranging the apps on your phone!  Biohacking is, according to Dave Asprey, biohacking guru,

a crazy-sounding name for something not crazy at all—the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves.  The main thing that separates a biohacker from the rest of the self-improvement world is a systems-thinking approach to our own biology.”  …Learn more about this subject, click here

Can Biohacks for your health in 2021 with Cryotherapy help you?

We get it, when you start to make some little shifts in our lifestyle it can feel overwhelming but oh yes, going into the cold at -85℃ for up to 5 minutes has proven benefits:  The cryo-chamber is great for

  • Boosting your immune system
  • Boosting your metabolism and
  • Detoxifying your body

But it can do so much …learn more, click here

All you need to do is make that commitment to yourself to make that change.

Make the commitment this year

To ring in the new year and say goodbye to, 2020 we’re offering our biggest sale, this is what will help at this time of year to feel fantastic, energised and fit. Super offers and new services are ready for you.


biohacks for your health in 2021


£35 (RRP £50)



Try our CHILL Package combining whole body & localised Cryotherapy £55 (RRP £64)





SLIMBOOST SLIMBOOSTVITABOOST Combination Vitamin Injections OFFER is back

£59 (rrp £78) – take both injections together


* No code required



IV Therapy – 25% DISCOUNT

Our five different infusions target a variety of wellness needs. We replenish hydration, assist recovery from illness, jet lag and hangovers, restore vitamin and nutrient levels, refreshing the cosmetic appearance and revitalize your overall well-being.


HYDROMAX £74.25 (rrp £99)

ULTRAVIV £93.75 (rrp £125)

VITAGLOW £149.25 (rrp £199)

MEGABOOST £149.25(rrp £199)

ROYAL FLUSH £261.75 (rrp £349)

USE DISCOUNT CODE:  IVDRIP25 (in house purchase only)

BUY &  BOOK, Call  01732 449411


NEW for 2021

Here at Cryojuvenate, I am always trying to develop and adapt our services,  planning for 2021 has been a super challenge further to the restrictions we are currently facing under Tier 4. There are some services we are not able to offer right now (sports massage, fat freezing, cryopen, cryotherapy facials), but below is a snippet of what to expect:

New Supa-Sava Membership


JOIN US AS A MEMBER for less than £16 per month

‘The ‘Supa Sava Annual Membership’ – ONE OFF PAYMENT £189


10% off selected services | 10% off products | Additional chambers @ £25 (any time)


T’S & C’S:  payment upfront |excludes packages and memberships | not refundable | not transferrable | benefits only apply to member holder |membership begins on the date of purchase.

Learn more about our Memberships


Book your remote consultation

Under the Tier 4 restrictions we, unfortunately, cannot offer all our service right now however what we can do is book you in for a FOC remote consultation in preparation to when our Tier system will be reduced.  This will take around 15-30 minutes,  one of our experienced therapists will discuss options with you via a ‘Face Time’ or ‘Zoom’ call.

Shift the suborn fat with Cryolipolysis

Fat Freezing

Cryolipolysis LIPOFREEZE


Perhaps 2021 is the year to remove that stubborn fat.  You work out, you eat healthily but you just can’t shift that fat around your tummy, arms or thighs.

CryoLipolysis (Lipofreeze) is a non-invasive way to remove fat cells which takes up to 60 minutes.  You should be able to see results between four to six weeks!  No trips to the hospital, no scars, no down-time!

BOOK in for your REMOTE Consultation



Remove your warts, skins tags & age spots using CRYOPEN®


CRYOPEN @ Cryojuvenate

The CryoPen® is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that offers many advantages over traditional spray can-type cryotherapy. The device delivers an ultra-cold jet of high-pressured nitrous oxide (N2O) jet directly onto skin lesions, is much colder than traditional cryo sprays making for an extremely fast and effective treatment


BOOK IN for your REMOTE Consultation


Keep well, keep safe

We are doing our best to bring to you our latest news,  so if you want to try biohacks for your health in 2021 using cryotherapy I hope this information along with the special new year offers will steer you a little closer to taking the cryotherapy plunge so we can help you to make a difference.

Keep well, keep safe an a very Happy New Year to you all.

Best Wishes, Ruth

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