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 Cryo Lipo (or LipoFreeze) is non invasive, creates no scarring and involves no recovery time

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Developed in the States and now available in Sevenoaks, Kent, Cryo Lipo (also known as Body Sculpting, Fat Freezing, Cryolipolysis and LipoFreeze) is a safe, targeted, non-invasive procedure. No scarring, no recovery time, no fuss.

For a full explanation of how Cryo Lipo works, including the procedure and whether it’s suitable for you, call 01732 449411

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An incredible experience. A warm welcome, thoroughly professional and most of all, has helped me as I look to run every day for three years

Steve Wolfe, Facebook review

Friendly staff , modern and clean facilities. Highly recommend to experience it .

Philippe Lourdjane,  Facebook review

Really not as cold as I thought it would feel, music playing, you can dance and move around as you wish! A very different evening was had x

Andrea Kerrigan, Facebook review

Me and my son came yesterday. And i was really nervous. I was put at ease. The staff were wonderful. And i dont know what i was worried about. It was fine. I felt great after and slept so well that night. We are coming back again.

Dawny Dawn, Facebook review

The thought of standing in a freezer for 3 minutes at -85 is terrifying BUT in reality it is manageable and the euphoria you experience afterwards is like you have had a good workout 

Polly Weir, Facebook review

I had my first experience of the cryo chamber yesterday and I was very nervous when i arrived but the staff immediately put my mind at rest with their knowledge and were very friendly. I’ve already paid for another 3 sessions so I’ll definately be back!

Kelly Keogh, Facebook review

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Q. Does the procedure hurt?
A. Sometimes there is some discomfort or pinch when the suction cups are first applied and for about 10 minutes afterwards until the area goes numb. Then you really don’t feel that much.

Q. Will it hurt afterwards?
A. As the cups are removed the massaging of the frozen fat can sting a little. In addition there may be some bruising from the suction cups and the area can be tender and sore for up to a week afterwards, a bit like you’ve been lifting weights in the gym, but this is normal. Other than that it’s quite a relaxing procedure.

Q. How long before I see the benefits?
A. You can expect to see initial improvement within 2 weeks, but the final result can take 8 to 12 weeks.

Find out more about the benefits of cryotherapy

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