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I felt alive when I tried cryotherapy every day for 14 days

Cryotherapy every day for 14 consecutive days


Shuddering in -85 degrees

cryotherapy every dayTowards the close of July, and as the first lockdown restrictions eased, I was very fortunate to participate in a 14 Day Cryo Chamber Challenge. This meant me whizzing up to Sevenoaks on 14 consecutive days and stepping into the Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber for four minutes each visit, and embracing temperatures of up to – 85 degrees…. now I can almost hear your shudder as you read MINUS 85 DEGREES.

And yes, it IS cold, but it’s NOT that cold

I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but I am serious, so let me try and put this into context for you.

Many moons ago, I was lucky enough to go to Lapland on Christmas Eve. I wore the standard-issue thermal ski suit, my own thermal hat, thermal gloves, ski boots and I mooched around in the snow. The temperatures there were -23 Degrees and OMG that was SERIOUSLY cold; and even though I was wearing all the appropriate and recommended clothing, I was STILL frozen.

Even my mascara had completely disintegrated by the time I boarded the flight home, and when I sneezed or blew my nose, my handkerchief froze instantly.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Cryo Chamber is cold, but it’s a dry cold and feels very different.


What to wear

The sessions are short, and there’s no need for heavy thermal clothing. In fact, it’s far more beneficial for your body to wear as little as possible. For the most, I wore cycle shorts or thin yoga leggings and a vest top, sometimes even just my bra and knickers, and boy was that exhilarating.

Of course, there is the standard-issue thermal socks and booties, thermal gloves, a thermal headband to cover your ears, and mask to cover your nose and mouth – and that’s also to ensure that the health and safety bit is covered. (read the FAQ’s)

But it’s no exaggeration when I say that every second of those four minutes, spent boogieing in those extreme temperatures, felt utterly amazing.

cryotherapy every dayCryotherapy every day made me feel alive

Aside from the obvious relief from the outside temperatures which we were blessed with this summer, my body felt incredibly energised, even after just one session. For me the effect was immediate.

My skin would tingle with the cold, but it felt alive and almost immediately my skin began to glow. Those who saw me in between treatments will stand testament to how well I looked.

Cryotherapy every day made me feel revived

My body felt revived and my energy levels went through the roof.

My sleep quality improved, and as a lady of a certain age, it even helped to moderate those ‘power surges’, and that was just the best.


What to expect

cryotherapy every dayThe wonderful thing with the Cryo Chamber is that you can move about. There’s always music to dance to (if you want) and if you need to come out before the end of a session, then that’s ok too. (should I move or groove when in the chamber)

There’s always a therapist waiting on the other side of the glass door, in case you need them, and of course, there’s a large digital clock on the opposite wall, so you can keep an eye on your chamber time.

Now, my sessions were four minutes each, but for most of you who come for the first time, you’ll likely start with just a couple of minutes and work your way up.

It’s very personal, and I guess if you wanted to jump in at the deep end, so to speak, then under the guidance of your therapist, maybe you could, assuming of course that you have no underlying medical conditions.



Safety first

This too is something that Ruth and the team at Cryojuvenate monitor very closely. There’s a full health questionnaire when you first come to register, so it IS essential that you disclose any underlying medical conditions that might cause you to react to the extreme cold.

Your health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to the team.

There is no question in my mind that cryotherapy every day is just the most extraordinary experience ever and one that I would thoroughly recommend.

If I lived locally, then I would certainly make this part of my regular routine.

So go on, give it a go … you won’t regret it.

Fancy trying the challenge?

BOOK NOW to take the 10 Day Challenge

Call the Team Cryojuvenate to find out more:  01732 449411


Written & submitted by Katrina Walker

Massive thank you to Katrina for writing this fantastic insight into her experience using cryotherapy every day.



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