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Why I chose the COOLEST place for my work experience

Why I chose such a COOL place for my work experience in Sevenoaks

My name is Thea and I am a Year 12 student at Knole Academy in Sevenoaks,  currently studying Sports Science as one of my A-level modules. Modules included within the criteria:

  • human anatomy and physiology
  • sports injuries and rehabilitation

I have always been interested and engaged in sports (especially football) since a young age.  I play for Sevenoaks Town Ladies in an upfront position as a ‘Striker’ and generally, I love the sport.

Thea Sevenoaks Town FC Ladies

Sevenoaks Town FC Ladies


Why I selected Cryojuvenate for my work experience

I first visited CRYOJUVENATE UK back in September 2021 (when I was 16 years old).  It was my football club Sevenoaks Town who suggested I take a visit further to a hamstring strain I was struggling with at the time.  The club had been using the cryotherapy treatments at Cryojuvenate for a few years, so when I had an injury my manager immediately sent me along for some ice-cold cryotherapy treatment.

Sevenoaks Town FC 16year old stricker taking crotherapy for recovery

Thea after stepping out of the whole body cryotherapy chamber

The treatment I received for my injury consisted of a combination of two treatments – going into the ice chamber using whole body cryotherapy at -85 degrees centigrade for 3 minutes before taking localised cryotherapy at -42 degrees centigrade targeting the area for 10 minutes (the package was called THE CHILL).  The local cryotherapy helped to specifically target my hamstring area, which enabled a more intense treatment (triggering the body’s anti-inflammatory responses) and therefore a better and more efficient recovery through targeting the areas.  The treatment really made a significant difference in speeding my recovery so I was intrigued and knew I wanted to learn more.


Why I arranged my own work experience

I knew what my goals were, I knew that I wanted to learn more about the Cryotherapy treatment I experienced back in September 2021.  I also knew what career path I wanted to follow  – so gaining more experience in this area of sport and injury recovery was my focus.

When the time came to think about where I was going to go for my work experience I decided to approach the owner of Cryojuvenate directly to ask if there would be a possibility to carry out my week of work experience there.  To my delight, Ruth Hyde agreed and we made the arrangements.  It really was that simple, my work experience week was booked for June 2022.

I would advise anyone looking for work experience to try and source yourself.  Take the plunge and reach out to companies directly that you think would be a good fit for you and your work goals.

Why I approached Cryojuvenate for my work experience?

Simply because Studying Sports Science is my passion.

Studying Sports Science at A level has shown me how much I enjoy learning all about the human body and anatomy. I also find the sports injuries and rehabilitation units of the course most interesting.  I found myself wanting to know more about the variety of treatments and how they are used together and separately for specific injuries such as the Hamstring Strain I experienced.

What really intrigued me the most was the innovative treatments such as whole-body cryotherapy and local cryotherapy which both utilize extreme cold in an individual’s recovery and rehabilitation. Cryojuvenate also offers the more traditional method of deep tissue and sports massage therapy.

Apart from sports injury and wellness treatments, there is Fat Freezing (weight loss | burning fat ), EMSculpt  (muscle tightening), Body Sculpt, CryoPen (skin tags | warts | verrucae | age spots), and a Vitamin Injections service. So many treatments I had never come across before and was so very keen to learn more about.  What better way to do this than by working in the business or the week?

beauty-fat freezing-wellness-cryotheray-services-sevenoaks

I was fortunate enough to shadow most of these alternative therapies that are offered within the business.  It was so enlightening enabling me to learn about the theory and how they work.  I increased my knowledge and massively improved my understanding of how e.g. Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), EMS Medisculp, and Body Sculpt achieve results.

So what is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a treatment method that uses extremely cold temperatures to encourage the body to recover as well as re-energise. Research on this type of treatment conveys that there are a variety of factors that an individual can benefit from. It shows that the use of cryotherapy can reduce inflammation and support your immune and lymphatic systems, whilst also being able to burn fat and support weight loss.

At Cryojuvenate, treatments are quick, painless, and non-invasive. This means that each treatment that is performed, does not invade any healthy cells, blood vessels, or tissues therefore it is a very safe procedure to undertake. The cold exposes the client’s body to temperatures, which can go as low as anywhere between -85 degrees centigrade to -90 degrees centigrade.   Learn more about the treatments here

…. and what are the benefits of Cryotherapy

The Cryo Chamber has many benefits such as assisting with the reduction of inflammation and muscle pain, increased metabolism and energy levels and it is known to improve skin quality as well as to promote well-being.  Too many to mention – obviously I am no expert but you can learn more here


work experience in the coolest place in sevenoaks


What I learned from my work experience

I believe this work experience has broadened my knowledge and understanding of the variety of treatments included within the scope of different cryotherapy modalities. The week I spent at Cryouvenate has allowed me to observe the therapist’s daily role within the business.

taking year 12 work experience at kents cryotherapy specialsts in sevenoaks

I got to shadow every treatment and was fortunate enough to try some of these as well!  I tried a number of treatments that relate to improving recovery from an injury. An example of one client who came in had tennis elbow. This individual came in twice during the week I was there for local cryotherapy (2 treatments) and saw how it helped and improved the injury.

work experience in sports therapy at cryojuvenate in sevenoaks

My experience has also shown me what it takes to effectively run a small business. Each member of staff has their own specific role, for instance,  Jacqueline works the Front of House, which consists of welcoming clients, admin, scheduling, stock taking, social media plus many more day-to-day tasks.

However, as a team in addition to delivering the broad range of treatment  there are many other tasks to complete during the day – such as promoting the business through the use of social media which I was also encouraged to do after some basic training.

How my work experience has benefitted me?

I have found that undertaking my work experience at Cryojuvenate has given me a better idea of what my future career may consist of. It has been brilliant being able to watch one of the Sports Therapists, Jessie, perform all the different treatments on a wide range of clients. Throughout the week, these observations have allowed me to picture myself in a similar position to the future.

Furthermore, this has narrowed down the options of which sports courses I would apply for and want to study at university. The team at Cryojuvenate made me feel so welcome, which encouraged me to approach them with all the questions I had about the business. Jessie, in particular, has been a significant help as she explained all about her course and what studies she completed for her degree at The Solent University Southhampton.

How I will use the knowledge I gained

This has now encouraged me to think more appropriately about my own pathway for the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cryojuvenate and am grateful that the owner of the business, Ruth Hyde, and the team were so welcoming and accepting of me carrying out my work experience.


It is now March 2023 and am I due to finish my final year of A-Levels.  I have a predicted ‘Distinction*’  in these modules (*D also predicted in my Health & Social Care and Criminology A-Levels).  I have been offered a conditional place at Bournemouth University to take a Sports Therapy degree.  I am thrilled that I am following my dream.


Submitted by

Thea Willmore and co-written by Ruth Hyde




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