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local cryotherapy 

Local cryotherapy is a targeted cold therapy treatment to help with pain relief and support recovery from sports and lifestyle injuries and post-op rehabilitation. Treatments are non-invasive. There is no need for anaesthetic, there are no needles, and there is no post treatment scarring.

Local cryotherapy is regularly used in to treat both acute and chronic injuries of soft tissue, to help reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.

Using a hand held device, the qualified sports therapist applies cold air to the target area(s), which triggers the body’s anti-inflammatory responses.

Each treatment is 10 minutes.

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What is Localised Cryotherapy?


Quick, easy and pain free, a localised cryotherapy session provides targeted pain relief and can help to support recovery from injury or surgery and can be managed in conjunction with medical advice.

Our clients have reported impressive results with sports related injuries, muscle strains and pain from knee, shoulder, neck, back and hamstring injuries.

At Cryojuvenate we use a hand held electric appliance, which blasts out cold air (with different strengths of air flow). Temperatures are set to -32°C (which is much colder than your average bag of frozen peas) and applied for a 10 minute period. This triggers an anti-inflammatory response and helps to ease pain.

The local cryotherapy treatment provides an immediate rush of oxygenated blood, which has a natural analgesic effect and provides a reduction in muscle tension to the injured area.

Post-treatment, the circulation of blood in the target area naturally increases the rate of healing and recovery to the injured areas of the tissue. Additionally, the natural analgesic effect provided from each treatment, and the subsequent relaxation of muscles, allows the individual to gradually increase their exercise tolerance, strengthening muscles and joints and reducing the risk of similar injuries in the future.

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Suitable to treat:

There are a multitude of medically recognised conditions and injuries that can benefit from local cryotherapy, including, but not limited to: sprains, strains and many types of sports injuries eg.

  • tennis elbow
  • golfers elbow
  • tendonitis
  • frozen shoulders

Local Cryotherapy can also provide relief in some back, neck and knee conditions including post-operative recovery.

For maximum benefit, it is strongly recommended to combine your local cryotherapy with a prior Whole Body Cryotherapy session.


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