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10 cool Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks

Treat yourself or your loved ones with these Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks

Are you ready for the party season and have you started your Christmas shopping with these fabulous gifts from Cryojuvenate in Sevenoaks Kent.

Struggling to find gift ideas? Whether it’s for a busy mum or a budding athlete, we have the perfect gifts for you. As they say, it is the most wonderful time of the year and a perfect time to sample some of the unique products and rejuvenating services at CRYOJUVENATE!

Christmas gifts and ideas, Gift Cards for your loved ones


We have a great selection of gift vouchers which you can purchase in different denominations.  Also valid for a whole year so it’s an easy but perfect gift.

Buy your Gift Cards here or simply pop in and we will prepare your gift card 🙂

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Christmas gifts and ideas, Stocking Fillers

In need of a little extra present to put under the tree? We have a variety of products for both him and her that have an array of benefits.

christmas stocking filler gifts at cryojuenate

Stocking fillers, Physicool bandages & Coolant, Cryojuvenate 3-layer Nanotech Masks.  Available to purchase in-store. see where we are on google maps, click here

Christmas gifts and ideas, Physicool bandages & coolant

As we all know cooling treatments are one of the most effective options for assisting in the reduction of swelling and ultimately reducing pain after an injury or to soothe chronic diseases such as arthritis and autoimmune disorders. Our range of cooling products combines cooling and compression to help you recover faster and the good news is that we stock them in-clinic too.

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Christmas gifts and ideas, the 5Kind range of natural creams

10 cool Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks 10 cool Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks 10 cool Christmas gifts and ideas in Sevenoaks 5kind-slimming-cream-available-at-cryojuvenate-kent

All creams are available to purchase in-store, at Cryojuvenate, 54 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent

The 5KIND cream formulas are all exclusive and unique to 5KIND.   We have specifically chosen to stock these products because they have been developed with natural formulas.  Available to purchase in-clinic at Cryojuvenate in Sevenoaks.

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Christmas gifts and ideas with a Luxury Cryo Facial

Pretty girl having an ICY cyrotherapy facial with algae face mask at Cryojuvenate

choose between the Express or Luxury Cryotherapy facial. Book on-line

For the busy mum and beauty lover, why hot give your skin the pampering it will thank you for with our Luxury Cryotherapy Facials. We offer two options, the Express 25-minute cryotherapy facial or the Luxury 60-minute Cryotherapy Facial.   These facials will leave your skin looking tighter, brighter, and more refreshed. The luxury algae facial allows you to relax whilst the therapist uses cold therapy on your face and neck. Then the algae face mask is mixed up and applied directly to the face, this is where the magic happens, during this time the therapist will give you a relaxing head massage to relieve any tension and make you feel pampered to the max!

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Christmas gift and ideas, build muscle without going to the gym using EMS Medisculp

EMS Medisculp building muscle and burning fat

One 30-minute session is equivalent to 20,000 crunches.

Know someone who loves to work out and stay fit? How about a session of the EMS Medisculp? This unique treatment uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate 100% of the muscle, whilst up to 19% of the surrounding fat is burned! It’s a great way to stay fit when you have a busy schedule. One treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups (crunches) or squats! It works for many areas of the body and is a completely safe treatment with no side effects. It has the effect of doing a workout, without even exercising!

It is also used to tighten the Pelvic floor,  success rates are good with noticeable changes after a course of six sessions.  This is a very common occurrence for many women, read more about how to tighten your pelvic floor using EMS.

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Christmas gifts and ideas, try the ICE Chamber with our INTRO offer

Sportsmen and women taking whole body cryotherapy at -85 cryojuvenate

Speed up the recovery process and re-energise the body by using the whole body cryotherapy chamber. Sitting between -85/-90 degrees, the whole body chamber kick starts the body’s natural healing and recovery process, you can spend as little as three minutes to a maximum of five minutes to start reaping the benefits. The cold air increases blood flow and supports tissue damage to aid recovery as well as help with skin and joint conditions, pain management, low mood, and sleep quality! Why wouldn’t you try it?!  learn more about cryotherapy benefits

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Where to find us

Cryojuvenate is located at the top of the high street next door to Waitrose in the enchanting town of Sevenoaks, Kent.  Sevenoaks is on the main train line from London Bridge directly to Sevenoaks and takes just 25 mins.   Apparently one of the happiest towns in the UK with so many attractions you can visit.

Nearby Attractions


We hope you have enjoyed this small selection of ideas from us here at Cryojuveante.

You can call us on 01732 449411 or you contact us via email  here

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, with very best wishes Ruth x



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