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Should I have lymphatic drainage or sports massage

Lymphatic drainage or sports massage

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Cryojuvenate is a cryotherapy clinic based in Sevenoaks, UK. In our clinic, we offer a range of cryotherapy modalities on-site, administered by our team of specialist sports therapists.  One of the regular services taken by many of our clients is Sports Massage (otherwise known as Deep Tissue Massage).  We also use similar techniques to carry out our unique BodySculpt treatment for cellulite reduction (see the video here). However, a question we are often asked is about which massage to take – should I take lymphatic drainage or sports massage, and if so which will be better for my requirements?

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Lymphatic drainage or sports massage, what’s the difference?

Massage is the movement of muscles and fascia of the body with the use of hand-based techniques to ideally relieve tension and pain. There are many types of massage, and all have slightly different specific outcomes. The type of massage a therapist will use is determined by what the patient is suffering with. This article will hopefully help you to decide if you have lymphatic drainage or sports massage.

Why lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic massage therapy is a technique developed in Germany that aims to relieve swelling from the lymphatic system, normally caused by medical conditions or illnesses triggering a blockage. It involves the manipulation of specific areas to help push the lymph to an area with working lymph vessels. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle type of massage and was originally devised to reduce the symptoms of Lymphedema.

Lymphadema overview and symptoms

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Lymphedema is swelling, set off by excess lymphatic fluid building up in the body’s soft tissue. It is a chronic condition and is often seen in those who have undergone cancer treatment.  It can occur when there has been damage, or in certain cases the removal, of the lymph nodes and vessels. learn more

What does a lymphatic massage do?

There is a two-step process to lymphatic drainage massage, the first step is called ‘clearing’. This step releases the trapped lymphatic fluid in your soft tissues. The second step is called ‘reabsorption’ this moves the lymphatic fluid to the lymph nodes. Once in the lymph nodes, the fluid is filtered and anything harmful to the body is destroyed by being pushed into our waste system. learn more

Why a sports massage (deep tissue massage)

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Sports massage is a different form of massage and is usually aimed at those who partake in sporting activities. It involves the manipulation of the soft tissue to fix imbalances in the muscles caused by exercise. Sports massage therapists use a variety of techniques to help the soft tissues operate to their best standard around the joint. This form of massage can be done before or after athletic performance to either warm up and prepare the muscles or to help with rest and recovery as well as to prevent injury.  Book in for your Sports Massage here

When should you have a sports massage?

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As time has gone on, everyone’s lifestyles have become much more demanding which therefore puts more demand on the body as well. This means that nowadays most people will benefit from a sports massage, not just those partaking in regular sporting activities. Sports massage has many benefits, the main ones include, preventing injury, relieving existing injuries, supporting the functional pain-free everyday movement, reducing pain and discomfort in the soft tissue and it helps maintain a balanced biomechanical system. what are the 5 most commonly asked questions about sports massage


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How often should I get a sports massage?

It really depends on why you’re getting a sports massage. Some athletic performers will benefit from a massage every 1-2 weeks because they are putting their muscles under regular stress. If you are getting a sports massage because of your lifestyle i.e. you have a stressful job or you sit at a desk all day, then a regular massage every month will give you ongoing long-term benefits.

Lymphatic drainage or sports massage – are they painful?

No neither type of massage should be painful. Lymphatic drainage massage uses gentle techniques to move the lymphatic fluid around. Sports massage can be a little uncomfortable at times, especially if you have knots or injured muscles. However, your therapist should communicate with you throughout the treatment to make sure you aren’t in pain.

Can anyone take a lymphatic drainage massage?

Yes! Most people will benefit from this type of massage, even if you aren’t suffering from an illness. It is recommended to get one with the change of seasons to help the body adapt to the weather.

How long should I wait before getting a lymphatic drainage or sports massage when I’ve completed a sporting event?

72 hours after an event is the best time to get a massage, this gives the body time to recover from the stress it’s been under but not too long that the muscles will start to seize up and cause tension.

Can I drain my lymphatic system myself?

There are certain exercises and techniques you can do at home to help drain your lymphatic system, but we recommend seeing a professional if you are not sure. learn more

How do I know if my lymphatic system is clogged?

There are 5 key signs that help determine if you have a clogged lymphatic system. These include bloating in your lower abdomen, chronic fatigue, stubborn weight gain, brain fog, and swollen lymph nodes. If you have any concerns, see a doctor or a specialist who can give a professional diagnosis. learn more

Can a sports massage help drain your lymphatic system?

Yes, certain techniques used in sports massage help drain any excess lymphatic fluid out of your body.

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