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Cryotherapy for recovery and wellness? Combat lockdown blues

Cryotherapy for recovery is still very much an underestimated alternative therapy and despite being around for over 40 years it is still in its infancy in the UK.

Exposure to extreme cold has been proven to increase the body’s blood flow to the muscles, providing a unique support mechanism to tissue damage, especially following injury.  The impact of the treatment is instant and the acceleration in healing means that physical performance improves with a return to activity, far quicker than might otherwise have been expected. 

Cryotherapy for recovery and wellness

Steve first came to Cryojuvenate just after #Lockdown1 with his daughter Harriet.  They were working at home and needed a boost!  Suddenly both became intrigued by Cryotherapy and the ‘Post-Lockdown Challenge’  to endure minus temperatures as low as -85C for between 3-5 minutes every day for 14 days.  Could they do this?  could it make a difference?

Initially Steve and Harriett booked to take the ‘Get out of Lockdown Chamber Challenge’ which they did together.  They were both intrigued, but as the 2 weeks progressed it was apparent how much the pair were enjoying the challenge and how they were immediately feeling the benefits (see further down).  At the end of the challenge we asked Steve a few questions about his experience and why he decided to take a cryotherapy membership.

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cryotherapy-for-recovery-and-wellnessWhat made you decide to try the chamber?   The price incentive, and general curiosity.

What did you gain from the 2-week chamber challenge sessions?  When exiting the chamber I feel invigorated and completely alert.  Whilst in the chamber, I felt very refreshed mentally. Each session sets me up for the rest of the day.

Why did you decide on a membership?  Following the initial trial, I knew that I would gain from using the chamber on a regular basis and longer term. Being conveniently located between my home and place of work, I find the clinic in Sevenoaks ideal. In addition, there is ample parking and easy access. Often I arrive with very little notice – sessions are quick and easy to schedule.  My priorities started to shift whilst participating in the chamber challenge. The sessions put my health and general well being at the forefront of my mind, which encouraged my investment in the Sapphire membership.

What has the membership given you?  The versatility of this category of membership enables me to bring friends or family. With the added benefit of the Theragun Massage, I am able to target any niggle or injury, the relief is immediate yet long-lasting.

The membership gives me the flexibility and affordability for many treatments and I believe with frequency, significant improvements happen more quickly. I have also gained access to the knowledge of the Cryojuvenate team who are well-trained, professional and also invested in my health.

Have you felt the health benefits of your treatments?  Absolutely. I can talk with particular reference to a hamstring injury where a local treatment enabled a speedy recovery. My treatments at the clinic have amounted to better sleep and reduced stress.

What have you learnt about your body?  Using a facility like this has given me greater energy during the day and substantial help with recovery after sports and physical activity. I feel generally more responsive day to day.

Why would you recommend the membership?  Instead of spending hundreds on various treatments from various clinics, members can purchase a long-term plan and drop in a set number of times a month for a quick 5-15 minute treatment. I have made it a part of my weekly routine – just like picking up a coffee on my morning commute, but with many more health benefits!

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Cryotherapy Studies

ConteQuote from:  Parasympathetic Activity and Blood Catecholamine Responses Following a Single Partial-Body Cryostimulation and a Whole-Body Cryostimulation The medical indications for WBC were subsequently extended to various inflammatory conditions – arthritis and multiple sclerosis [5–7], rheumatoid arthritis [8] – and to skin disorders such as psoriasis [5]. The reported reasons for using WBC include decreased joint pain and disorders, improved general well-being, decreased fatigue perception [9] and reduced symptoms of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression [10]. WBC is also extensively used in self-treatment or body hardening against respiratory tract infections and musculoskeletal pain [11], as well as parasympathetic reactivation after intensive exercise [12].nt goes here





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