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Cryotherapy Dissertation for Sports Therapy, Hartpury University

Here at Cryojuvenate we are super proud and flattered to hear that Chelsea Ann Brown a footballer and sports fanatic is about to embark on her university dissertation about Cryotherapy.   Read below Chelsea’s bio about how she became interested in the huge benefits that Cryotherapy has to offer and why she has decided to write her dissertation about it.

Cryotherapy Dissertation for Sports Therapy, Hartpury University“by Chelsea Ann Brown”

I am currently studying Sports Therapy at Hartpury University in Gloucestershire, as well as my studies, I also want to see how far I can go with my football career. I was introduced to Cryotherapy last summer, when I went to visit Ruth at Croyjuvenate UK with my boyfriends Mum.

I had a niggling knee injury from playing football so I looked up how Cryotherapy could help me. To be honest, I always thought it was for the Premiership footballers, as I thought it was way out of my price range, being a student, most things are!

Anyway, we went along, and I really didn’t know what to expect, apart from the obvious, that it would be cold, but hey, I’m from Wales, so used to that. Anyway, we went in the chamber together, and it was the weirdest feeling, and I can honestly say, it was awesome, even at -93 degrees. My knee injury from playing football pretty much improved within a few weeks, yes, I had to rest it, and not play, but the pain was gone during my time in the chamber.

Cryotherapy Dissertation for Sports Therapy, Hartpury UniversityCryotherapy Dissertation for Sports Therapy, Hartpury UniversitySo, I went back to Uni for the start of my 2nd year, after the summer break, and had to give some thought into what my dissertation was going to be about. I was so bowled over by the experience at Cryojuvenate, that I spoke with my tutors about it, and started doing some real investigation on Cryotherapy in my industry, Sports Therapy.

That said, it seemed a no-brainer to start the ball rolling, and write about Cryotherapy for my dissertation. I will be going back to Cryojuvenate in the next few months, to look at how it helps sports professionals, keep watching, as I will keep a record of my blog on here.



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