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The Only Place In Sevenoaks For Compression Therapy Trousers. Let’s Explore The Hype…

Have you been seeing images online of your favourite athletes and sports stars rocking a pair of oversized, inflatable stockings? Fetching as they may be, did you find yourself wondering “what on earth are those?” Well, ponder no more! In this blog, we’ll tell exactly what they are, what they can do and, most importantly, let you know that you can now try them for yourselves right here in Sevenoaks, at Cryojuvenate! Whilst they may not be winning any fashion accolades anytime soon, what you’re looking at is the latest technology in garment innovation – compression therapy trousers.

What are compression therapy trousers and what are the benefits?

Compression therapy trousers are an inflatable garment worn to promote better blood circulation and aid lymphatic flow. Not only are they perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, due to work or sports, but they’re also great for people who are pretty sedentary and need to add a little umph to their blood and lymphatic flows to compensate for the inactivity. At Cryojuvenate, this treatment takes but a mere 20 minutes – super easy to fit into a busy schedule. Once you pop them on (over clothes is fine) and get comfy on one of our therapy beds in a private treatment room, for 20 minutes you can you relax as the technology inside the trousers, or ‘boots’, goes to work. Each ‘cycle’ squeezes and releases up and down the different areas of the leg. What you will feel is a soothing, therapeutic massage. Different ‘cycles’ cater for different needs, depending whether you are pre or post exercise or if your goal is just better wellbeing. In 20 minutes, this cycle will repeat 20 times – that’s a massive 2-5 times MORE compression sequences than other brands on today’s market – we like to stay ahead of the curve!

Did you know that 20 minutes of treatment daily can provide the equivalent of 12-48 hours of rest?

More on the technology later in the blog, but for now here’s a list of benefits of compression trouser therapy:

  • Accelerates the body’s natural circulation
  • Decreases muscle fatigue
  • Accelerates recovery and enhances performance
  • Reduces risk of injury and pain
  • Accelerates removal of metabolic waste and toxins
  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Quick treatment times
  • Affordable alternative to lymphatic drainage massage


Spotted! Celebrities wearing compression therapy trousers

Before we take a dive into the science behind these futuristic-looking slacks, let’s take a look at who’s wearing them – and it really is a ‘who’s who’ of sports royalty. You know Anthony Joshua? That kinda uber-famous heavyweight champion boxing legend? Yup, he wears them.

Anthony Joshua wearing compression trousers

Credit: Instagram @ntrecovery via The Sun

More of a football fan? Those guys are all all for it too. Chelsea FC’s Thiago Silva and Gareth Bale (retired this year) are just a few household names who entrust the maintenance and recovery of their money-making limbs to compression boots.

Chelsea FC Thiago Silva wearing compression trousers at home

Credit: Instagram via The Sun

gareth bale giving the thumbs up as she wears compression therapy trousers

Credit: Instagram: @garethbale11 via The Sun

But the list really doesn’t stop there, from UFC fighters to England cricketers, they’re all getting a slice of the action. If there’s one thing we know about celebrities and professional athletes, it’s that they’re paying to get the best advice and use the best equipment, their careers depend on it.

The science behind intermittent pneumatic compression

Now for the good stuff. You can find detailed information can on our ‘Compression Therapy Trousers’ treatment page. Here’s what we’ve written about how it works:

Compression therapy trousers are an inflatable garment made up of separate, overlapping chambers that fill and deflate during the course of a 20 minute cycle.   This relaxing technology simulates the kneading and stroking of tissues to help your veins efficiently circulate blood through your body and aid the lymphatic system.   This is an important function; your blood carries oxygen, proteins and nutrients to your organs, tissue etc. The blood also carries waste products and toxins to be excreted too. Your lymphatic system picks up this metabolic waste and toxins and manages the fluid levels in your body.   Periods of prolonged inactivity inhibit this lymphatic flow and can cause a build up of fluid in the body as well as other symptoms, such as headaches, stiffness, decreased mobility, change in skin texture and more.

You don’t  have to take our word for it. These FDA-approved garments have many scientific studies to back them up. Here’s some key studies and the links for further reading: Intermittent pneumatic compression on the calf improves peripheral circulation of the leg “The aim of this study was to examine whether intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) increases peripheral circulation locally in order to assess the use of IPC for prevention of deep venous thrombosis. The results suggest that IPC has the effect of improving peripheral circulation, which supports the use of IPC to prevent deep venous thrombosis.” Changes in posttraumatic ankle joint mobility, pain, and edema following intermittent pneumatic compression therapy “The changes in posttraumatic ankle joint mobility, pain, and edema following intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy were examined in patients with lower leg fractures after six to 12 weeks of immobilisation in a cast. Ankle joint mobility in the study group increased by 11.9 degrees but by only 1.0 degree in the control group. The difference is highly significant. The study group also experienced markedly greater pain relief than did the control patients. The reduction of edema was 170 ml in the study group and only 15 ml in the control group. This study suggests that IPC treatment promotes the rehabilitation of the posttraumatic conditions.” Effect of pneumatic compression therapy on lymph movement in lymphedema-affected extremities, as assessed by near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging “Previous studies have shown cost effectiveness and quality-of-life benefit of pneumatic compression therapy (PCT) for lymphedema. Optically transparent and windowed PCT garments allowed visualization of lymph movement during single, one-hour PCT treatment sessions. Visualization revealed significant extravascular and lymphatic vascular movement of intradermally injected dye in all subjects. In one subject with sufficient patent lymphatic vessels to allow quantification of lymph pumping velocities and frequencies, these values were significantly increased during and after PCT as compared to pre-treatment values.” If you want more scientific studies, just ask – we have a stack of ’em.

Compression therapy trousers in Sevenoaks – get £5 off today!

All sessions at Cryojuvenate are 20-minutes in length. One session costs just £25 – peanuts compared to a full lymphatic drainage massage! BUT if it’s your first time having this treatment, whether you’re a new or existing client, you can have the treatment for £20, saving you a fiver! Book this here. The more frequent the treatment, the better and this treatment is safe to use daily, weekly or monthly. When you book in a block you save £££’s. A block of 5 sessions normally costs £110 (a tidy saving of £15) BUT, for a limited time with our early bird offer, you can grab a block of 5 for just £85! That’s a saving of £40 for 5x individual sessions – basically, you’re getting nearly TWO sessions for free! Like the sound of that? Purchase here. Once purchased, you have 3 months to use. You can book this as a stand alone treatment OR ask us if you can add this on to another treatment. For example, if you’re booked in for a session of fat-burning, muscle-toning EMS Medisculp or a session of fat freezing Cryolipolysis on your stomach or arms (an area that doesn’t require your legs to be displaced) then you can wear the compression therapy trousers at the same time, as demononstrated below by one of our lovely clients.   cryojuvenate sevenoaks customer receiving fat freezing cryolipolysis at the same time as wearing compression therapy trousers   Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about compression therapy trousers here or get in touch with us today.



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