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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Vitamin Drips

In a world filled with information at our fingertips, myths and misconceptions still occur and spread like wildfire – and Vitamin Drips and Booster Shot Injections are no exception. But, as with any health-related trend, it is essential to distinguish between fact and fiction. So, keep reading to learn more about common misconceptions about Vitamin Drips!

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IV Drips are only beneficial when you are unwell


Although IV Therapy is recommended for people who are suffering from a medical condition, anyone can benefit from IV Drip Therapy. Our Vitamin Drips contain various micronutrients which are essential in helping your body function at its best. This means that even if you are feeling healthy and fit, IV supplementation can still be beneficial in helping you maintain optimal vitamin and mineral levels. Our services range from a Hydration Drip (priced at £100 and ideal for those wanting instant hydration) to our Limitless Drip (priced at £850), which contains a multitude of different Vitamins and Nutrients administered via both IV and IM.

Although anyone can benefit from a Vitamin Drip pick-me-up, Vitamin Drips and Vitamin Booster Shot Injections are extremely beneficial for those who suffer from Vitamin deficiencies. For instance, it’s very common for people to suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency (as we hardly ever get any sun in the UK), which can result in fatigue, hair loss, muscle weakness and loss of appetite.

If you would like to know if you are deficient in Vitamin D, we offer a Rapid Vitamin D blood test that provides results in just 15 minutes! Once we get the results of your Vitamin D test and you provide us with information about your weight, we are able to calculate the exact dosage that you need. Every two weeks, over the course of 3 months, you will receive your maintenance dose of Vitamin D. Once the 3 months are finished, we will then test your Vitamin D levels once more. Click here to book your Rapid Vitamin D test today!

Our Vitamin Drips can be especially curated to carry out the desired effect that you wish to see using our IV Drip Extras. Choose between 15 IV Drip Extras for the perfect Vitamin Drip for you. During a consultation with one of our staff members, you will discuss how you are currently feeling and how you would like to improve, whether this be mood, energy, skin or hair health! We will also take into account any medications and supplements you are taking already, along with any medical conditions you may have.

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It is not as effective as getting nutrients from food


IV Drips are not a replacement for eating a balanced, varied and healthy diet – we recommend everyone to follow one! However, IV supplementation of vitamins and minerals is very effective since it bypasses your digestive system entirely. This means that hydration and micronutrients enter your bloodstream directly – they are 100% bioavailable for your body to absorb.

Even when following a balanced, healthy diet, it can still be difficult to reach the recommended daily amount of micronutrients. This could be due to a variety of different factors including: food availability or access, dietary habits, pregnancy, medical conditions and lifestyle. This is especially true if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Many essential Vitamins are derived from animal sources, such as Vitamin B12, Calcium and Zinc. Click here to read more about Vitamin B12 deficiencies. Book Zinc as an IV Drip Extra here today!

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Vitamin Drips are painful


Besides the initial pinch of the needle, IV Drips should never be painful. We do our best to make each experience as comfortable as possible, including optional application of a topical numbing spray for added comfort.

It is common to be able to ‘taste’ certain Vitamins while receiving your Vitamin Drip. For example, our Energy Drip contains Vitamin B12 which may leave a metallic taste in your mouth. We provide bottled water in all of our clinics should you wish to have some, however, the metallic taste is a completely normal side effect, and should wear off once your Vitamin Drip is complete.

If you do feel uncomfortable during your treatment, please ensure to let a member of staff know so that they will be able to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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IV Vitamins can be taken at any dosage


Although Vitamin Drips allow for a higher dosage of Vitamins compared to oral supplements, Get A Drip follows strict protocols and dosage limits, set by our team of Doctors. For some vitamins, e.g. Vitamin D, the recommended dosage will depend on your body weight and deficiency level. We also restrict how much of one Vitamin you may receive in one sitting. For example, the highest dose of Vitamin C we provide in one sitting is 25g, due to the recommendations from our Doctors.

We also have restrictions in place on how many Vitamin Drips you can have in one sitting as well as how many Vitamin Drips you can receive within a 6 month period. For a single session, we do not allow you to exceed more than 1.25L of liquid – the equivalent of this being, one ‘full sized’ Vitamin Drip accompanied by a 250ml ‘Express’ IV Drip. Over the course of a month, we do not recommend receiving more than 9 Vitamin Drips over the course of 6 months. If you choose to receive more than our recommended amount, you will then have to sign an additional medical disclaimer.

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IV Drips are not safe


IV Therapy is a safe and simple process and Get A Drip uses the highest quality Vitamins on the market.

Upon booking your first appointment with us, you will be sent a full medical questionnaire that you will be required to fill out before your treatment (if you are a walk-in client you will still be required to fill out these medical forms in the clinic). These medical forms require you to fill out any pre-existing medical conditions as well as any medication that you are currently taking.

If you are a returning client, you will not have to complete the form again, however, you are required to look over your previous form to either confirm there are no medical changes, or to make any amendments to match your current medical history and any new medications you might be taking. This is to make sure you are able to receive your desired treatment as some medical conditions and medication may restrict you from some of our services.

If you are on any medication or have a pre-existing medical condition, our in clinic medical staff communicate with our team of Doctors to ensure that you are able to proceed with your desired treatment.

Let’s spread awareness and bust these myths! Always be well-informed and prioritise your health with guidance from professionals.

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Authored and originally published by Get A Drip.



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