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Reinvigorate your complexion using cold therapy to refresh and relax for a radiant boost to your skin and wellbeing with a Cryo Facial

Facial Cryotherapy – “treatments your face will thank you for”

No need to travel to Knightsbridge or Mayfair for a celebrity-style facial… now you can experience the complexion-enhancing benefits of a cryotherapy facial in the heart of Sevenoaks.

Choose from the Express Cryo Facial (25 mins) or our unique Cryo ALGAE Facial (60 mins) of skin pampering. Both leave skin looking tighter, brighter, and more refreshed.

During the procedure, you can relax while your therapist gently applies chilled air from a hand-held nozzle to your face and neck. We start at the base of the neck using relaxing sweeping movements working under the jawline gradually working up the face to eye level.  Finally, we apply the soothing cold on and around the nose, eyes, and forehead.

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Cryotherapy Facial (Luxury)

So, what is algae?

Algae is an antioxidant formed from different types of seaweed, the protein from this natural source, protects your skin from free radicals (environmental, lifestyle, diet) that are known to cause premature aging. It’s high in essential amino acids, proteins
and a variety of vitamins – including A,B,B12, C and E. Show your skin some love and give it that feel-good feeling with this super food of ingredients of proteins and minerals, boosting the skin balance improving the acid mantle leaving skin rejuvenated.

Algae has been used in skincare for thousands of years. It has been dubbed a “miracle ingredient” and “the ocean’s most potent secret”! Do not miss out!

What to Expect

After the cooling process we quickly mix up the Algae mask and apply thickly directly to the neck, working up the face, around (or over the eyes) and forehead.  We will even go over your lips if you wish.

Then the magic begins, you’ll begin to feel a tightening of the skin, the mask has a natural reaction to the cold so will set super-fast.  During this time our therapist will give you a relaxing head massage using rock & roll shoulder movements for blissful tension release.


We will leave you for a few more minutes whilst you relax. Lastly we will peel off the mask and apply some soothing recovery cream.

Afterwards you will see a more radiant countenance in the mirror as you experience the rejuvenating benefits over the next few days.

Cryotherapy Facial (Express)

In a hurry, this is the facial for you!

Choose from the Express Cryo Facial (25 mins), which comprises cleansing, toning and targeted cryotherapy followed by moisturisation.

Super quick and super effective.

Cryo Facial

What is Cryo Facial?

Safe and non-invasive, Cryo Facials incorporate cold therapy to the usual cleanse, tone and moisturise routine to help contract and dilate the blood vessels in the face, scalp and neck. The aim is to improve blood supply to these areas to provide a complexion boost via high-tech hand-held devices dispensing a jet of super cool air over the face.


Benefits to your skin

This facial is fabulous treatment for ALL skin types which include rosacea, psorisis, ezema and achne.

Great for the prevention of signs of aging and gives a more supple moisturised complexion that is soft to the touch (feels like silk).  Super effective for active acne and teenager’s with hormonal skin as well as dry, sensitive, oily, combination and those who want to combat and prevent signs of aging.

After you facial you will instantly feel tighter smoother skin.


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