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Meet our Ambassadors in Sevenoaks Kent

Our vision at Cryojuvenate is to deliver a high-quality wellness service that’s accessible to anyone who’s looking for a holistic approach to improve their physical and/or mental wellbeing so they can enjoy life to its fullest.

Our clients are of all ages, from many different walks of life, and at different stages of their health and fitness journeys. We offer them a sports therapy and cryotherapy service that provides both quality and effective results, delivered in an expert and professional manner.

We’ve handpicked inspirational ambassadors, who each have an incredible story of their own and who share our vision to help us expand beyond Sevenoaks Kent and Greater London.


James Williams

Strongman, Dad, England Strongman Qualifier

About James

He’s set bench press records, competed in the USA and for the UK’s Strongest Man and now James has set his sights on reaching the top next year to become the UK’s Strongest Man.

But despite the tough exterior, James is a softie at heart and a devoted father to his son, Lenny, and to his training partner Bex (who also competes as a Strongwoman). Together they have fun and push each other to reach new limits – a real power couple.

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Rosie Galligan

Harlequins & England Rugby

About Rosie

A true advocate for women in sports with an impressive career to boot, Rosie is a professional rugby union player. She plays second row forward (lock) for Harlequins Women in Guildford, Surrey who were Premier 15s champions in 2020/21.

Rosie wears the Red Rose, playing internationally for England women’s national rugby union team who are DOUBLE Grand Slam winners in the Six Nations Championship and are currently ranked #1 in the Women’s World Rugby Rankings.

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Bex Gandy

Founder of Iron Amazonian and Strongwoman

About Rebecca

Currently holding the title of Suffolk and Hampshire’s Strongest Women 2022, Bex competed in powerlifting and figure bodybuilding before becoming the Strongwoman competitor that she is today.

An athlete’s passion, a curiosity for human anatomy, and an unflinching desire to help people has led Bex to open her own sports massage therapy clinic in Kent. There is no stopping this woman who juggles running a business and Strongwoman training like an absolute pro – the sky really is the limit.

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Darran Bond

Darran Bond

Founder, Howard & Co Attire | Personal Trainer

About Darran

A real mover and shaker, Darran is a people person through and through. His larger-than-life personality and ambitious drive have made him a successful entrepreneur in the world of luxury men’s clothing.

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Ryan Palmer

Director of Kick Up Sports | Co-Founder of South East Dons

About Ryan

Ryan certainly has his hands full with his many business ventures and leisurely pursuits.

In 2014 he founded South East Dons, a Sunday League football club that has grown a huge following of fans, both online and off. He is also the Director of Kick Up Sports, which offers football camps and classes for children.

If that wasn’t enough, Ryan also runs his own payment solution service for businesses AND plays for the first team at Sevenoaks Town FC.

We don’t know how he manages it all, but Ryan definitely embodies a go-getter attitude, making him a perfect addition to our team of ambassadors!

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Ryan Margolis

Racing Driver

About Ryan

Ryan is proving himself to be a prodigy of sorts in the world of professional racing drivers.

When introduced to the legendary Formula 1 Rob Wilson, Ryan impressed during his first time driving a manual car (properly) by almost hitting Rob’s benchmark time (he was a mere 2 seconds off).

Ryan has since gone from strength to strength, from being invited to test the British Formula 4 car to then being invited to compete in the 2021 season. Jamie Horner (brother of Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing Formula One) invited him to join the Young Racing Drivers Academy.

Ryan is currently racing with team Forty40 and is aiming to race in the GB3 Championship – he is definitely one to watch!

Ryans Margolis Raing

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JohnBoy Smith

Paralympian & Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winner

About JohnBoy

After being shot when he was just 16, Johnboy was left paralysed with a collapsed lung, ruptured spleen, and a perforated bowel. But, in his own words, “there is life after disability and tragedy”.

You cannot fail to be moved, awed, and inspired by Johnboy’s sheer grit and determination that drove him to become the world-class athlete he is today.

Representing England, Johnboy holds both a gold and silver medal from the Commonwealth Games, competed in the T54 marathon at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, is a marathon record holder AND is the first Romany Paralympic athlete in history.

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